Nas Explains Why Tupac Was a One-of-a-Kind Artist

Real recognize real.

Rap icons Nas and Tupac weren't always the best of friends—Nas' "The Message," a single from his sophomore album It Was Written, included a subliminal diss aimed at Biggie, but Tupac believed the line was about him—but before Tupac's untimely death in 1996, the pair squashed a two-year-old beef at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Since then, Nas has only praised Tupac in interviews, a practice he continued this week in a new interview with The New York Times, entitled "An Evening With Nas Means Caribbean Food and Heavy Beats."

“Tupac, he’s the only artist to do what he’s done, to record as many songs in that amount of time at that age, songs with meaning and messages to impact the world, but also ideas for movies and restaurants,” Nas said.

Yes, even restaurants. Nas recently joined forces with restaurateur John Seymour to open a pop-up restaurant, which he says is based on an idea Tupac had sketched in prison.

Later in the interview, Nas hinted that his long-delayed new album might be released this summer. "We coming this summer, baby!" he said.