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Kendrick Lamar Grosses More Than $1 Million Per Tour Stop


Forbespublished the 2017 edition of their "Hip-Hop Cash Kings" list on Wednesday, and to nobody's surprise, Diddy ($130 million), Drake ($94 million) and JAY-Z ($42 million) generated more income than any of their peers over the past year.

Though Chance The Rapper (No. 5) earning $33 million and Lil Yachty (No. 20) taking home $11 million were mildly startling figures—the former because he doesn't sell his music and the latter because nobody purchased or streamed his—the most eye-popping number among the artists ranked was Kendrick Lamar grossing more than one million dollars per tour stop.

Earlier this month, Lamar wrapped up his The Damn Tour, a 36-date tour which ran from July 7 to September 2 across North America. 

In total, from June 2016 to June 2017, Lamar banked $30 million between music sales, streaming revenue, touring, merchandise, and sponsorships.  

There's only one word, appropriately, to describe these earnings: damn.