Chance The Rapper to Joe Budden: "N*gga, I Am the Culture"

"I fuck with Joe Budden, and I know that he has to do his thing because he has a talk show now."

Following his recent performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Chance The Rapper became the focal point of an epic rant by Everyday Struggle co-host Joe Budden, in which the former rapper, who is best known for making mood muzik himself, essentially accused Chance of being too happy. Yes, too happy. "Enough of the Apollo shit," Joe said.

Though he initially ignored the remarks, in a new interview with Robyn Neal, the 24-year-old Chicago native addressed Budden and, in the process, also dispelled the notion that every creative decision must be made with "the culture" in mind.

"There's this idea that, like, things have to move the culture forward. And you have to do things for the culture. But, it's like, nigga, I am the culture," Chance told Neal. "Whatever I choose, whatever decisions I make, they're made. And I fuck with Joe Budden, and I know that he has to do his thing because he has a talk show now, and he used to be an artist, and at that time he could do whatever he wanted to. But now he has to go to his job on Fridays, clock in, clock out, and it's important for him to say things that incite conversation. Niggas gotta do what they gotta do."

Chance is no dummy. He understands that as a talking head on Everyday Struggle, it's Budden's job to create discussion by sharing his sometimes outlandish opinions with the world. And to that degree, Budden does his job very well. Chance responding and DJBooth covering his response has created headlines, which means mission accomplished.

On today's episode of Everyday Struggle, Budden, in response to Chance's response, labeled his remarks about Chance's music as an "objective opinion."  While Budden is certainly entitled to his opinion, and the sole purpose for his hiring by Complex was to offer that opinion with the world, he should also know that an "objective opinion," an opinion without bias, means an opinion that is formed based on fact. Music, just like every art form, is the opposite of objective—it's subjective. It's based on personal feelings and personal tastes. Budden didn't like Chance's "First World Problems" featuring Daniel Caesar; we thought it was incredible

In the end, Chance will continue to be Chance and Budden will continue to be Budden and the world will continue to spin on its axis. And besides, we all have much bigger problems on our hands.