What Fredo Santana Learned After Drug Abuse Nearly Killed Him Last Week

"Gino found me on da floor shaking bleeding out the mouth having a seizure shit could a been the end."

In early September, Chicago rapper Fredo Santana defended his own personal use of Xanax. "Until I can stop thinking bout my dead homies and the trauma that I been thru in my life that's when I'll stop," Santana tweeted.

Late last week, the 27-year-old found himself in the hospital, suffering from liver and kidney failure. "I wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy," Santana wrote on Instagram.

After being admitted, Santana, in a series of tweets, revealed that he was found by fellow rapper Gino Marley, seizing and bleeding out of his mouth.

Now, more than ever before, the rap community really does need, as Santana put it in his initial tweet, a "face," as well as a voice, to speak out against Xanax and lean abuse—especially, when artists like Lil Pump and Young Thug, who both have a young yet sizable fanbase, continue to glorify these drugs on social media.

In just the past few months, in addition to Lil Wayne's latest hospital visit after suffering yet another seizure of his own, both Action Bronson and fellow Chicago rapper Lucki both revealed that Xanax nearly cost them their days on earth. Bronson's scare was a one-time trip gone horribly wrong, while Lucki's was the result of his battle with the highly-addictive drug.