"It's Corny": Desiigner Calls Out "Old People Talkin' That Mumble Rap"

"I think we should put the sounds together, like, the old funk and the new funk together and make it crazy."

Desiigner's long-delayed major label debut, Life of Desiigner, won't arrive until after the calendar flips to 2018, but in the meantime, the 20-year-old G.O.O.D. Music artist seems to be on a mission to lay the term "mumble rap" to rest.

In a new interview with MONTREALITY, the Brooklyn native calls out hip-hop's old guard for mislabeling what he sees as a natural evolution.

"I heard the old people talkin' that mumble rap, but it's corny," Desiigner said. "If that's how y'all put it, put it like that. But it's elevation, elevation in music. That is how music is growing. It's going to keep evolving and evolving. I think we should put the sounds together, like, the old funk and the new funk together and make it crazy."



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It's hard to see Pete Rock and Desiigner working together or, as Desiigner put it, mixing "the old funk and the new funk together and [making] it crazy," in the near future, but that doesn't mean the "Panda" rapper's assessment of hip-hop and the importance of two generations of artists and producers coming together to unite instead of bitching about one another isn't spot-on analysis.

Desiigner isn't the only new-school act who's expressed frustration over the "mumble rap" label, either. In recent months, both Trippie Redd and 21 Savage have been strongly pushed back on the term, claiming that, despite their look and their sound, their lyrics are not in any way, shape or form intelligible. (And they're not wrong. Seriously, take a listen.)

Much like hip-hop production that employs woodwind instruments and support for artists accused or found guilty of sexual assault, let's go ahead and leave the term "mumble rap" in 2017. 

Can't we all just get along?



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