Young Thug: "F**ck a Double Cup, I Wanna Feel It Faster"

Young Thug is either in need of serious help or his troll game just hit another level.

Young Thug is either in need of serious help or his troll game just hit another level.

On Friday morning, the ATL rapper posted the following image to his Instagram Story, with the caption "Fuck a double cup I wanna feel it faster."

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Thug's relationship with lean is well documented, both in his music and on his social media, but that doesn't make his continued use—or the above photo of Thug with an IV in his arm, which is likely treating his vitamin deficiency—any less upsetting.

In August, DJBooth spoke with a medical professional about the negative effects of lean abuse, following an Instagram post by Young Thug that read: "My eyes turn YELLOW when I drank TUSS...." Her recommendation to Thug? "Go see your doctor immediately."

In light of Lil Peep's tragic passing last month, the result of a reported overdose on anti-anxiety medication Xanax laced with fentanyl, the time is now for those closest to Thug to ensure that he has the necessary resources and support to overcome whatever he might be battling.

Since his 2016 release from prison, fellow ATLien and former lean abuser Gucci Mane, who at his lean-sipping peak weighted almost 300 pounds, has fought the good fight against the rising popularity of lean, especially within the hip-hop community. 

In addition to Gucci, A-list stars like SZA, Ty Dolla $ign, and Wiz Khalifa have all come out against the abuse of lean. Hopefully, one of them will speak with Thugger sooner rather than later.



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