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Chance The Rapper & Young Thug Have Discussed a Collaborative Project

"Me and [Young] Thug been making songs forever, we got so many songs..."

In a new interview with Ebro Darden for Beats 1 on Apple Music, Chance The Rapper revealed that he and Young Thug have discussed a collaboration project.

When asked by Darden to lay out his future album plans—remember, Chance still hasn't released his formal "debut"—he replied:

"I'm in the same mode I've always been in. I've never really had a big drawn-out plan for how shit was gon' go. I'm more in a collaborative, you know, frame of mind. I've been talking with this artist Francis and the Lights, we working on something. Me and [Young] Thug been making songs forever, we got so many songs so ... we've been talking about dropping something together. Same thing with Donald Glover ... I've just been making songs. That's my shit right now."

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While Chance and Glover have been talking about and teasing the release a collaborative project for what seems like a decade now, Chance and Thug have actually produced music that has been released to the public over the past two years, including Coloring Book inclusion "Mixtape" and 2017 loosie "Big B's."

"In my new raps, I be talking about ass a lot," Chance added.

Yup, Chance and Thugger confirmed.



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