Denzel Curry on Clout: "That Shit Imaginary"

"What are you really talking about?"
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Denzel Curry hates social media, clout.

Denzel Curry, like many other young artists, is fed up with social media. 

Having recently come out of a self-imposed break from social media, the Florida rapper sat down with Peter Rosenberg to discuss, among other topics, exactly why he’s soured on socials.

“I just see the same shit every day!" Curry said angrily. "Motherfucker… ‘Oh, yeah, I’m beefin’ with such and such…' 'Oh man, you don't got this much money as me.' 'Oh man, look at my wrist, look at my neck.’ 'It drip.' Aight, shut the fuck up. What are you really talking about? What the fuck is that, 'Oh, you just tryna suck my clout.' Clout this, clout that. N***a, that shit imaginary. Fuck that shit! Fuck clout! I don’t give a fuck about that shit.”

Prior to asking his question, Rosenberg spoke with some trepidation, as if to say that cutting off all social media is a career-killer—which, sadly, for everyone not named Frank Ocean, it very well is. With that, Denzel Curry’s frustrations are twofold. Firstly, flexing for Instagram does not in any way relate to having the ability to make good music—"good," of course, being subjective—and it’s clear Curry finds that content to be, like most music fans, a waste of time beyond benign, momentary entertainment. 

Secondly, and perhaps this is a bit of a projection, but in tandem with Rosenberg’s worry, it reads as if Curry is frustrated that hysteria on social media is the tantamount way to advance a music career in 2018. Make no mistake, if you have true talent and quality product, listeners will follow. But as we’ve learned time and time again, the more controversy, the quicker a major label (cough, Atlantic, cough) will sign you.

Curry's critique of one of the most toxic pillars of the music industry is a sentiment that has been expressed by many of his peers over the past 12 months, including Big K.R.I.T., Big Boi, and Joyner Lucas. Every entertainer wants to pop off on social media, but for younger artists, it's important to view Twitter, Instagram and the like as a stimulus package; the product eventually has to live up to the hype.

Curry is gearing up for the release of his severely-delayed new album, TA13OO. On Friday (May 25), Curry will release a new record from the project, entitled "Percs."


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