"I'll Just Do Them All Myself": Kanye West Reproduced Every Beat on Pusha T's 'DAYTONA' Album

"'I just feel like I could do all of these beats better.'"
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Pusha T Daytona story, Kanye West reproduced the entire album himself

Despite the title change, King Push season is upon us. 

With the release of Pusha T’s upcoming album, now named DAYTONA, less than 24 hours away, the Virginia rapper sat down with veteran music journalist Rob Markman to discuss the making of the record. Of course, we knew beforehand that the album would be entirely produced by Kanye West, but DAYTONA did not start out as a seven-track, single-producer effort.

“There's a process that goes on with all my albums,” Pusha told Markman. “A lot of times, I'm collecting beats from everybody, all the time. Something strikes me, I lay verses down, I put the song together. Once I feel like I compiled a good body, more recently, I bring it to Kanye. Once I bring it to him, he hears what it is, he's like, 'Oh, I like this, I don't like that,' so on and so forth, and he'll give me another batch of beats. Some are his, or some that he's compiled…”

He continued: “I do all of those, and then I come back and I'm like, 'Yo, I feel like 10-12 records are my album.' We had got all the way to that point, and I was in Calabasas... The first day, we listen we like, 'Oh, this is rocking,' probably went out to eat, wake up the next morning, probably come back over to what we call the Energy Center, and he was like, 'Man, I was listening to it all night and I just, I just feel like I could do all of these beats better.' I was like, 'All of the beats? What do you mean?' He was like, 'No, I'll just do them all myself. I'mma just do it all.'”

You read that right: 10-12 solid tracks, an assortment of producers, a positive first listen, and overnight, Kanye West decided to scrap the entire project as it was and reproduce the whole thing by himself. This might be the most Kanye being Kanye story since Luxury Bag Man.

Later on in the interview, Pusha told Markman that Ye lives for this brand of chaos, which is why he, presumably, decided to spend $85k on the DAYTONA album cover.