Jay Rock Knew "King's Dead" Was a Hit—After Learning Future Was on the Record

“I did my verse and I went out, I came in [and] Future's on this motherfucker.”
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Jay Rock, "King's Dead"

The bedrock of Top Dawg Entertainment, Jay Rock, fresh off the release of his formal reintroduction to hip-hop, Redemption, made it up to The Breakfast Club on Tuesday to discuss the ins and outs of the album, including his surprise at Future’s verse on “King’s Dead.”

“Shout to Kendrick Lamar, man,” Jay Rock began. “I was in the studio working on my album, me and Kendrick, we was right across from each other. I come over, he's playing this beat. I'm like, 'Damn, this beat hard.' He's like, 'Mike Will did this, you got something for it?' ... He's like, 'I'm working on this Black Panther project.' I'm like, 'Black Panther?' [laughs]... So we was just up in there vibing, you know what I mean? I like the beat, you know what I mean? Me and lil' bro been doing this for years, when we get together and do records... You already know. Basically, I didn't even know he had the Future verse. I did my verse and I went out, I came in, Future's on this motherfucker [laughs]."

Of course, Charlamagne pressed Rock about Future’s verse, which is equal parts hysterical and iconic. 

"I swear to God,” Rock batted back, “when I first heard that, I said, 'This is outta here. Hit record.'" As we know now, Jay Rock was very much in the right. To date, "King's Dead" is his most streamed record.

Ladidadida, indeed.


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