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Tweet Rewind: Murda Beatz Always Knew Drake Would Fuck With His Beats

Let Murda Beatz' success serve as a reminder to always shoot your shot.
Tweet Remind: Murda Beatz Knew Drake Would Fuck With Him Soon

Manifest, manifest, manifesting your dreams has never been easier with the advent of Twitter, where you can broadcast your desires out to the world. 

Case in point: rewinding way back in 2011, when now well-accomplished "Canadian producer" Murda Beatz was dutifully shooting his shot with Drake.

By 2014, Murda still had yet to land a coveted Drake collab but continued to speak its existence into the universe, confident that eventually, his efforts wouldn't go unnoticed.

Though it took another two years for the duo to link up and start racking up Platinum plaques, Murda Beatz had no doubt the two would come together and make some absolute hits. See their most recent collaboration: “Nice For What.”



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Drake was far from the only superstar whose attention a younger Murda was gunning for. 2012 Murda was also aiming to get Gucci Mane to take notice in the best way possible: “#Burr.” The two have also since linked up, ironically, on a record that features Drake.

Now, tagging artists ad nauseam or dropping your SoundCloud links indiscriminately at the bottom of tweets that don’t pertain to you isn’t always the best of business moves. Sometimes this tactic works, but mostly it gets you muted. Regardless, Murda Beatz's tweets exist now as endearing memories of his come-up, and potential inspiration for upcoming acts to keep working. 

Remember when Metro Boomin had some bangers for Kendrick Lamar? Or when Kendrick Lamar solicited "prove it" beats from 9th Wonder?

For all you young producers out there, if you believe an artist like Drake or Gucci Mane is too far out of your sightlines, there’s no shame in tagging a smaller, local act and linking up to build a real relationship. 

The best hip-hop careers start from the bottom anyway, or, at least Drake may have said something similar.


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