Teyana Taylor Won’t Release Updated Album, Will Debut “Extended Records” Through Visuals

Sample clearance be damned.
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Teyana Taylor Won’t Release Updated Album, Debut “Extended Records” in Visuals

Poor Teyana Taylor.

Following the delay of her sophomore album, K.T.S.E., the last of the Wyoming Sessions summer album series, Taylor revealed that Kanye West actually dropped an unfinished version of the record due to clearance issues and a "misunderstanding." 

Though she promised fans an updated version of the album, it appears things are staying exactly as they are.

As Taylor revealed on Twitter, her record is apparently still plagued with sample clearance issues. To make up for the wait and incomplete product, Taylor instead promises to fill in the gaps with her visuals. Whatever form these “extended records” take, hopefully, Taylor can satisfy her fans sooner rather than later.

With K.T.S.E. arriving a day later than scheduled, and as her first album in four years, which may as well be centuries in the streaming era, it might feel as if Taylor’s clock is ticking. Of course, the internet ensures that an artists window is never truly closed, but a sloppy rollout can often be a press cycle killer.