Ari Lennox Praises the Creative Freedom J. Cole Provides at Dreamville

"He’s always pushing me to just believe in me more than I naturally believe in myself sometimes."
Ari Lennox, 2018

Ari Lennox is next up for Dreamville, and for all of R&B. 

In a new interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 on Apple Music, Lennox, whose necessary charisma and relatability are her artistic hallmarks, breaks down how instrumental J. Cole is in facilitating her creative process.

“Yeah, he’s just an amazing big bro who's just always encouraging me to just write deeply and just whatever comes from my heart,” Lennox told Lowe. “It's just great, beautiful vibes and great encouragement. He’s always pushing me to just believe in me more than I naturally believe in myself sometimes. So it's great vibes and he’s great. I feel lucky that he cares so much about soul music but it just makes sense, he's such a soulful guy.”

Lennox’s latest single, “Whipped Cream,” one of our 10 must-hear new songs of the week, is a testament to the soul and encouragement Cole delivers to Ari’s table. The Elite-produced “Whipped Cream” is light with nostalgia and rich with depth. While we can appreciate Lennox’s humility, there’s no denying that her star power is all her own on this single.

With a still-untitled new album due out this year, we can’t wait to hear more of Ari Lennox’s golden voice and the final sum of this creative freedom.


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