Chance The Rapper Has Done More for Chicago Than "Kanye, Jordan," G Herbo Says

“Just to be a part of what he a part of already is a blessing alone.”
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Two days before the release of his upcoming Swervo LP in collaboration with producer Southside, Chicago rapper G Herbo sat with the Everyday Struggle crew to discuss his and Chance The Rapper’s influence on Chicago.

“[Chance] has done stuff for Chicago that nobody done,” Herbo said. “Kanye, Jordan, nobody’s done for Chicago what Chance done… Just to be a part of what he a part of already is a blessing alone.”

Co-host Nadeska Alexis agreed with Herbo's assessment, adding that so many fans both within and outside of Chicago look to Chance as well as G Herbo as influences and examples of the multifaceted nature of the city. 

Earlier in the interview, Herbo touched on Social Works, the nonprofit organization and foundation Chance The Rapper launched in 2016, and its role in bringing to light the effects of PTSD on the youth in the city.

“We got this crazy perception of Chicago, but it’s the third biggest city in the world,” Herbo added. “There’s so many beautiful parts of Chicago, and there’s so many talented kids, kids like me, kids like Juice WRLD still in Chicago right now that nobody really get to see or hear about because they got this perception.”

Chance opened up about his own battle with mental health in a Complex cover story in 2017, admitting "I think anxiety is also something that I'm just now being exposed to. A really big conversation and idea that I'm getting introduced to right now is black mental health. 'Cause for a long time that wasn't a thing that we talked about."

With Chance The Rapper’s numerous philanthropic efforts, including his most recent purchase of The Chicagoist, along with his music breaking into the national spotlight and painting Chicago as a loving city that exists beyond news headlines, G Herbo just might be on to something with his claim.