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Our Entire Staff Reacts to DJ Khaled's "No Brainer" Featuring Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper & Quavo

"Is DJ Khaled becoming a parody of himself?"
DJ Khaled "No Brainer" DJBooth Staff Reaction

And another one?

On Friday (July 27), DJ Khaled released "No Brainer," a brand new single off his forthcoming 11th studio album, Father of Asahd, which features Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper and Quavo

Following the JAY-Z and Beyoncé-assisted "Top Off," which, incredibly, peaked at No. 22 on the Billboard Hot 100, Khaled has rounded up the "I'm The One" gang (minus Lil Wayne) in hopes of recreating the magic that helped to propel his Grateful single to No. 1 and five Platinum plaques.

So did Khaled deliver another one? Is "No Brainer" destined for chart success? And why is Bieber's mustache missing from the single artwork? 

Below is a transcript from our staff Slack chat. You're welcome.

aboynamedandy [12:39 PM] Like we've all been sitting around twiddling our thumbs waiting for this *brain-explode emjoi* DJ Khaled song to transform our summer, feels like being trapped in a real-life version of the Lego movie

6iet [12:43 PM] Chance: “She like that I make music for god” 🙄

sermonsdomain [12:43 PM] 99% chance there's water in the video.

donnacwrites [12:46 PM] Oh wow, this is "I want a song of the summer so bad" the single.

Z [12:48 PM] I want the song of the summer five weeks into summer single

donnacwrites [12:48 PM] So far the best part of this is the color grading on the video.

sermonsdomain [12:49 PM] DJ Khaled is the music equivalent of a Build-A-Bear workshop.

CineRihanna [12:51 PM] This song sounds like the inside of a mall

donnacwrites [12:51 PM] Freehold Raceway Mall, NJ

CineRihanna [12:52 PM] Bieber is FLOATING over this production no lie

donnacwrites [12:52 PM] If I was a casual music fan, who this was made for, I would be more than content

Z [12:52 PM] Khaled wanted to recreate "I'm the One" but Wayne didn't get an invite? Sad.

donnacwrites [12:52 PM] So let's get down to what we all want to know. Is this better than "I'm the One"?

CineRihanna [12:53 PM] It's the same or equal to "I'm The One"

stebars14 [12:53 PM] From Reddit: "I vote Quavo is eliminated next in the DJ Khaled Battle Royale"

CineRihanna [12:53 PM]Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-choosin’ the squad / She tryna choose between me, Justin, Quay, and Ashad.” Is Khaled the best or worst father of the year because...

yoh [12:54 PM] Is DJ Khaled becoming a parody of himself?

CineRihanna [12:54 PM] He's quickly approaching mainstream Lil B status

Z [12:54 PM] He gave his son executive producer credits. This kid will be able to send all his friends to college. Khaled is the GOAT father lol

donnacwrites [12:54 PM] Yeah, Jay and Bey do that, too. They made an entire album telling us that

ben [12:55 PM] Trigger warning @6iet: the 3 hat is still there

CineRihanna [12:55 PM] Good daddy techniques but I hope he protects his ears during all those concerts

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6iet [12:55 PM] Bieber was the best part of the song. That’s not good. Remember when Quavo was fun to listen to?

CineRihanna [12:56 PM] Quavo's oversaturated, plain and simple

Z [12:56 PM] The art gets an F — Bieber's creeper mustache is nowhere to be found.

6iet [12:56 PM] Crieber

ben [12:56 PM] Bieber looks like the worship pastor at a trendy church

CineRihanna [12:57 PM] Funny cause Bieber did join up with that trendy church not too long ago

Z [12:57 PM] Asahd is stepping on Bieber's shoe and he isn't reacting — if someone steps on my kicks, best believe they are at least getting a dirty look.

donnacwrites [12:57 PM] Not if they're a child. Hush. You love kids

Z [12:57 PM] I love MY kid. The rest can go.

CineRihanna [12:58 PM] Asahd spends sneaker money on breakfast

6iet [12:58 PM] Why does Bieber look like Jay, but dressed like Silent Bob?

Z [1:00 PM] The over/under on "And another one" ad-libs was 10 going into this listen — Khaled hit the under.

CineRihanna [1:00 PM] I only heard like 4 @Z. I heard more "GET 'EM HIGH." Word to Talib Kweli.

ben [1:01 PM] Does Chance only remove his hat for DJ Khaled videos: an absurdly detailed investigation

CineRihanna [1:02 PM] How many songs has DJ Khaled actually produced?

hershal [1:03 PM] This beat was made by a sentient cotton candy machine.

Z [1:03 PM] According to Wikipedia, 43 — but nearly all of them are co-production credits. Which means he was in the room and pointed at someone to press a button. "You, louder!" "Credit!"

6iet [1:04 PM] I will say, “No Brainer” is better than the last single they all had...

CineRihanna [1:05 PM] Chance's outfit was better in the first video. Dressed like a rustic living room.

hershal [1:05 PM] "She said that she likes that I make music for God" is the weirdest brag I've ever heard in music. Like, have we entered an era where rappers are just talking about very sincere, specific compliments they've received? Like who's the first rapper who's going to say "She said that I'm above average at parallel parking"

donnacwrites [1:06 PM] I've never had that said about me, Hershal, so I would like to hear that in a song and live vicariously through it


donnacwrites [1:06 PM] She like the way I fight for the use of the Oxford comma

6iet [1:06 PM] Also, the audacity to assume God wants to hear your music is a whole other thing

CineRihanna [1:06 PM] I want my co-writing coins

hershal [1:06 PM] @CineRihanna I laughed out loud.

6iet [1:06 PM]She like that I make music for God.” Okay, but did God even ask you to do that?

donnacwrites [1:07 PM] Does God have ears?

ben [1:07 PM] Did God get co-production credits?