Kid Cudi Thought Kanye Was Joking When Kanye Asked Him to Make 'KIDS SEE GHOSTS' Album

“It took me a minute to realize, ‘Yo, I’m making an album with my big bro. This is a dream of mine.’”
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Kid Cudi is an inspiration and mentor to many rap fans and musicians. Leaning into that mentorship, Cudi sat down with Jaden Smith for a conversational interview all things fashion, music, and sustainability. During their conversation, Cudi revealed that he was initially stunned by Kanye West’s proposal that they make their joint KIDS SEE GHOSTS album.

“I worked really hard on it,” Cudi told Jaden during their Vman interview. “Can you imagine the day Kanye asked me to do the album with him? I thought he was joking; maybe it was a moment he was excited about the idea, and after a couple months, he’d just be over it. [Laughs.] It took me a minute to realize, ‘Yo, I’m making an album with my big bro. This is a dream of mine.’

“Having to go toe to toe with him in these songs was crazy,” Cudi added. “It was a lot of pressure, but it was fun. I was up for the challenge. Everything I’ve been doing led me to this point.”

As the saying goes, pressure producers diamonds and KIDS SEE GHOSTS is a gem of an album, one of the best of the year thus far. Kid Cudi appears in rare form on the project, not a return but a decided step forward. The album is driven by his passion and his growth; his healing gives KIDS SEE GHOSTS as a resonant glow that Kanye West must have foreseen or at the very least hoped to summon out of Cudi.

Thank goodness Kanye West wasn’t joking, and that the duo is considering more KIDS SEE GHOSTS albums in the future

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