Juice WRLD is on Travis Scott’s ‘ASTROWORLD’ But Hasn’t Listened to the Album (Yet)

“I’m still stuck on ‘Rodeo.’”
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Juice WRLD is on Travis Scott’s ‘ASTROWORLD’ But Hasn’t Listened to the Album (Yet)

Rising Chicago artist Juice WRLD has taken over the charts, and secured a stunning feature on Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD. As you’d expect, Juice is a big fan of his feature on “NO BYSTANDERS,” but as for the rest of the album, he’s actually yet to press play.

“I ain’t listened to the rest of [ASTROWROLD] yet,” Juice told MTV News. “I’m still stuck on Rodeo. No, I’m still stuck on Days Before Rodeo. Travis is a GOAT.”

Well, that’s one way to pay a compliment. Of course, Juice WRLD is in for a treat once he does press play, but his dedication to older projects is a rarity in the streaming era. With so much new music and artists churning-and-burning to keep up with demand, it’s refreshing to hear that Juice WRLD likes to sit back and listen to older records despite the amped up album cycle.

If more artists followed his lead, not just in listening habits but also with their own creative process, perhaps we could get a spike in quality control and have less Wyoming Sessions fiascos, or bloated sequels a la Migos’ Culture II.

At this rate, we're excited to find out what Juice WRLD thinks about ASTROWORLD in 2025.

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