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Teyana Taylor Details Her Confusion Around Kanye-Led 'K.T.S.E.' Album Rollout

"I didn't know ahead of time that there would be no singles, no visuals. I didn't know none of that."

Poor Teyana Taylor.

In the wake of the turbulent release of her sophomore album K.T.S.E., Taylor made it up to Hot 97 to discuss, among other things, the rollout strategy for the album and all the Wyoming sessions summer albums. As it turns out, Taylor initially had no idea there would be five albums; she just wanted her music heard.

“At first I didn't know it was going to be a five-album thing until we had our last meeting and we were talking about the album and then [Kanye] said he was working on his and Pusha,” Taylor revealed. “I know me and Pusha was supposed to come out around the same time. Once he said his and everybody else, I was a little nervous at first. I ain't tryna be up in the middle of that. The Nas gon’ be crazy, blah blah blah. 

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"I was kinda just going with the flow. At the same time, I just wanted music out. I didn't care how that shit had to happen. Whether it was a separate rollout, whether it was five albums. I didn't know ahead of time that there would be no singles, no visuals. I didn't know none of that. But I knew it was going to be the five-album thing, [Kanye] wanted [my album] to be last, you know, the biggest. That's the way they sauced it up.”

Well, at least Kanye West’s heart was in the right place. After a slew of sample clearance issues, delays, and Taylor being forced to release the album she wished had made it to our headphones by way of visuals, it makes sense that the singer was not in the loop when it came to major decisions. Later on in the interview, Taylor also revealed the final sequencing was different than what she originally expected.

Yet, some of the responsibility does appear to fall on Taylor’s shoulders. Notably, her desire to unleash material for public consumption at any cost could be read as complacency. Yes, the release was botched, but it becomes difficult to sympathize entirely with Teyana Taylor when she herself admitted that at one point, she had no regard for how the release came to fruition.

Of course, we also must take into consideration the timing of this interview, and the likely mountain of frustration Taylor is harboring over the way her return to music has been mismanaged, coupled with disappointing first-week sales numbers. Anger aside, K.T.S.E. is a strong return to music, and despite the struggles to get the album out, it has kept Taylor in our headlines, and consequently, in our rotation.


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