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Eminem's 13-Track 'Kamikaze' Generates $1.8 Million in Opening Week Song Revenue

Whatever Eminem is selling, the people will buy.

Eminem may not know what fans want from him, but he certainly knows how to move units. 

Per Hits Daily Double, the 13 tracks that makeup Eminem’s latest album, Kamikaze, generated an impressive $1.8 million in opening week song revenue. Of note, six tracks off the record (“The Ringer,” “Lucky You,” “Greatest,” “Not Alike,” “Fall,” and “Kamikaze”) are among the 10 highest earning songs of this past week.

Em’s “The Ringer” finished the week as the highest grossing song, netting $254,400 in total sales and stream revenue. His Joyner Lucas-assisted “Lucky You” comes in as a close second, generating $248,053. These numbers shouldn’t be too surprising, as “Lucky You” is the third most played song on Spotify this week, with 62.1 million all-time streams. “The Ringer” was the eighth most played track this week.



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These numbers, while impressive, only cement what we already knew about Eminem’s career: his stans are loyal and they buy and stream albums in droves. Kamikaze moved 434,000 equivalent album units in its opening week, of which 252,000 were "pure" sales. 

While artists do have a tendency to obsess over the numbers, for Em, these figures should represent a freeing moment. Create at your own will, Marshall. People will always press play. 

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