J.I.D Explains Why He Signed with J. Cole & Dreamville

"... the sincerity of the people we linked up with.”
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J.I.D Explains Why He Signed with J. Cole & Dreamville

After stunning hip-hop with The Never Story in 2017, J.I.D is back with a new single, “151 Rum,” and a new album on the way. Beyond being an impressive rapper, J.I.D is also one of the most exciting Dreamville signees, and in speaking with Complex, the 27-year-old broke down exactly why he felt comfortable signing with J. Cole and the team.

“What made me feel good about my label situation was just the sincerity of the people we linked up with,” J.I.D explained. As Complex reported, J.I.D and Cole worked together to help J.I.D sharpen the area where he still felt lacking: storytelling. If “151 Rum” is any indication of their work together, we can easily say Cole did a job well done.

This past July, J. Cole texted No Jumper podcast host Adam 22 to explain why he felt compelled to sign J.I.D. “The thing that solidified it was when I saw his worth ethic and his hunger,” Cole texted Adam. “A lot of people want it, but they not willing to put in the work. He’s not one of those people. His potential is GOAT status.”

In 2017, J.I.D first spoke about meeting J. Cole and signing with Dreamville, and it’s refreshing to see that his story has not changed. “It was really organic,” he told HotNewHipHop. “It wasn't no industry shit, it was really like 'I fuck with your art'-type shit.’ It happened so naturally, it didn't even feel like they had to ask me [to sign].”

In not as many words, Dreamville’s Ari Lennox recently praised both J. Cole and the label for the creative freedom she’s found while working with them. Based on the quality of the music coming from both J.I.D and Lennox, whatever Dreamville has going on behind the scenes, it is absolutely working.

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