Kanye’s Wyoming Albums Began as “Therapy,” According to Pusha-T

"He spearheaded everything. I thought it was phenomenal."
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Pusha-T may well have the rap album of the year with his Wyoming sessions standout DAYTONA. While the sessions, which produced a total of five albums, themselves turned into a media spectacle, speaking with Billboard, Pusha explained that the June releases all began as a form of therapy for Kanye West.

“Listen, I watched [Kanye West] do 35 tracks, so we were talking,” Pusha said in response to a question about Kanye's biggest accomplishment this year with G.O.O.D. Music. “People took that seven number for granted, but it was a lot. It was really a lot, like super tedious. Hours of finding interesting chops and loops and things like that. He spearheaded everything. I thought it was phenomenal. You gotta remember that this started off as therapy. We were like, ‘Let’s go work on an album, man. We’re just gonna go knock this out.’ That turned into, ‘Wait, this is would be good for Teyana’ and ‘I may even want to put out and [sic] album.’ Just watching him discover all those sounds and actually make the music, it was a lot, man.”

Going into an album with a need to create for yourself, for therapeutic reasons, has the potential to create some highly resonant music. Yet, since the sessions were clearly not work-first in their arrangement, we now have even more insight into the chaotic and wading feeling of the West-produced albums and the general rollout. It seems that what started as a form of release for the two artists turned into a storm of creativity that West may or may not have lost control over. See: Teyana Taylor’s general confusion over her own album.

Though some of the records could have been more polished, and the rollout could have been more coherent, there is something to be said for the Walden-like approach of locking yourself away and abandoning perfection to the point of making what strikes you most. In that way, the Wyoming sessions served their primary function.

The biggest mistake made, then, was announcing the sessions and trying to put a neat bow around an obviously fluid product. The magic of Kanye West’s intent is obvious, but his execution left much to be desired.

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