Mike Dean on Travis Scott: "He's Still Finding Himself as an Artist"

No artist can afford to stop growing, even after they’ve struck gold.
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Travis Scott is a superstar. He has the numbers to prove it, the live show to prove it, and the album to prove it, but with all of that said, he has no intention to stop growing. In a new interview with The FADER, Mike Dean revealed that all accolades aside, Scott is still defining his sound.

“With this album, he really represented Houston well which is good,” Dean said. “He’s still finding himself as an artist, you know? Still reinventing himself. I like how he reached out. I put the Big Hawk stuff in there. He interpolated a couple others and all those Houston samples.”

Hearing from close collaborator Mike Dean himself that Travis Scott is still interested in redefining himself as an artist is very rewarding. Any artist interested in a long-term career cannot stop growing once they’ve struck gold. Fans will grow weary of any sound, no matter how classic it may feel in the moment, and repetition itself is a killer to creativity.

Take Pusha-T, who questioned his own growth in the years following the release of My Name Is My Name. Pusha found himself nervous over the lack of variety in his approach, but those nerves led to his crafting one of the best albums of the year: DAYTONA.

There is also Logic, who firmly believes a true artist cannot keep making the same music. As a man with a handful of alter egos and desire to step into every creative medium available to him, the one thing Logic can promise fans is that he will never stop growing and challenging his sound. Logic is now touring arenas. This is not a coincidence.

The most successful artists are the ones who continuously work to get ahead of the curve. Travis Scott struck gold with ASTROWORLD, and the likelihood of him striking gold once more will only increase since he seems wholly interested in reinventing his wheel. 

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