Noname to Update ‘Room 25’ Cover Art Following Artist’s Abuse Allegations

“I do not and will not support abusers, and I will always stand up for victims and believe their stories.”
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At no point does music stop being a forum for change. Chicago rapper Noname knows this well, as she tweeted early Monday morning that she would be working to replace the cover art on her fantastic Room 25 album in light of bodily harm and domestic abuse charges brought against cover artist Bryant Giles.

“I do not and will not support abusers, and I will always stand up for victims and believe their stories,” she wrote. 

This is not the first time Noname has made a change guided by social justice. In 2016, she changed her name from Noname Gypsy to simply Noname, because “gypsy” is a racial slur against the Romani people. “When i first decided what my stage name would be I was unaware of how racially inappropriate and offensive it was to Romani people [sic],” she tweeted back in March 2016.

Though the court of public opinion is still out on whether or not artists must be role models, Noname’s hardline stance on this issue is both admirable and welcome. Hopefully, more artists follow suit as we address and correct the rape culture that plagues the entertainment industry. 

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