Bas Describes a "Typical Day" at Dreamville Records

“It's basically about us being able to independently grow in the music business and reach our fans worldwide.”
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Dreamville makes the magic happen. 

Spearheaded by J. Cole, Dreamville Records is home to some of rap’s top prospects: J.I.D, EarthGang, Ari Lennox, and Bas. Fresh off the release of his third album, Milky Way, Bas broke down a typical day with the Dreamville team in a new interview with OkayAfrica.

“It's crazy right now because so many artists are finding their own level of success,” he said. “You know, we are probably together less than we were though. We sometimes talk and pop up on each other when we are in the same city. But like right now in Vegas, my homies are at different spots doing their own thing, like tours. Some are getting ready to release their own project. It's going really well with Ari Lennox, she is getting ready to release her album. A lot is going on and a lot of creative ideas are being passed around. Any given day we are just in different corners of the country. It's basically about us being able to independently grow in the music business and reach our fans worldwide, so it's crazy and busy with everything that is going on.”

Bas’ description lines up perfectly with the common praises sung of the label. In July, Ari Lennox was talking up the label and celebrating the creative freedom afforded to her by J. Cole and the team. In September, she also went on to explain how Cole helped her face her fear of flying, reminding us yet again that Dreamville cares for their own.

Dreamville has talent, without question, but the real reason the label is winning has more to do with this familial atmosphere Bas and Lennox describe. In the dragging music game, a strong support system can be the difference between becoming a star and burning out.

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