Cardi B's "Money" Was Originally an 'Invasion of Privacy' Bonus Track

"Money" is the first of several bonus tracks that might be released over the next three months.
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Cardi B’s got some mom raps for the club. Her latest single, “Money,” is a hit waiting to happen, but as it turns out, the track is actually a leftover from a stash of songs originally meant to be billed as Invasion of Privacy bonus tracks.

“The plan was always to drop a bonus, but I didn’t think I was gonna be so busy doing back and forth things after giving birth,” Cardi told Ebro during her Beats 1 interview on Apple Music this afternoon. 

She does plan to drop the remaining bonus tracks soon, too. “December or January. It's songs that I think are really good that didn’t make the album,” Cardi added.

Well, the holiday season just got all the more exciting. Part of the joy of “Money” was the comfort level Cardi B had achieved on wax. Knowing that it was from the Invasion of Privacy sessions makes a world of sense, but also spells good news for the forthcoming bonus tracks.

If these extra songs maintain the same level of charisma and distinctive personality as her debut and “Money,” Cardi B’s extra might end up being better some major label releases this calendar year—but you didn’t hear that from me. 

Securing the bag, indeed.

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