Post Malone: "There Are No Genres Anymore"

“What I’m not into is boxes.”
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While hip-hop debates whether or not Post Malone is part of the genre, the artist himself doesn't seem to be very concerned with the very notion of genre. 

In a new interview with HITS Daily Double, Posty, frequently critiqued for co-opting Black culture, suggested that genres simply do not exist anymore.

“I like everything—metal, old country, hip-hop, funk and R&B,” Malone said. “What I’m not into is boxes. I don’t put people in boxes. There are no genres anymore. If a song makes you feel nice or it makes you feel sad or if it makes you feel anything, what does it really matter what category it is?”

This sentiment is sweet, to a point. Certainly, if music moves you in any manner, the genre should not stop you from enjoying something; however, this does not mean genres do not exist. Post Malone has no trouble naming a handful of genres within his interview. Of course, genres are blending more and more across music, as music itself evolves, but to suggest there are none whatsoever is a bit foolish.

This is not the first time Post Malone has tried to step away from categories, and likely will not be the last. In 2015, Posty made it a point to state “I'm not a rapper” during an interview with DJBooth. In 2017, he faced a considerable amount of criticism after suggesting fans of "real shit" avoid current hip-hop

Malone can identify however he likes, but he cannot escape the optics of his situation, the playlists his music is funneled into, or the artists with whom he continuously works. Or, he can just say optics do not exist, much like genres, and we can all go about our days. 

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