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J.I.D on the State of Freestyling: "N***as Don't Freestyle"

“Who really freestyles? Like, saying some shit?”

While people on Twitter argue whether or not Juice WRLD’s hour-long freestyles are impressive, J.I.D has already personally ethered freestyles altogether. In a new interview with Billboard, the Dreamville signee says freestyles don’t even exist. Go figure.

“That shit cool, but you give me a fucking xanny [sic] and I'll rap for three hours straight,” J.I.D said to writer Carl Lamarre in response to Juice’s Westwood freestyle streak. “Like, I'm not wasting my time. I’m not doing that shit. And I fuck with Juice. I can make hella songs in an hour. I'm not doing that. I'm finna give you this crazy-ass 32, and you gon' have to run that shit back… N****s don’t freestyle. I don't wanna hear about no n***a freestyling. The last freestyle that I literally saw was Vince Staples, when he went on Flex and you can tell it was a freestyle. You can literally tell. Freestyle ain’t the same shit. Who really freestyles? Like, saying some shit? You was talking about shooting guns, you're talking about fucking bitches. Who gives a fuck, for real? I don't know. I think that shit is just a waste of time.”

Ever dedicated to being an album-artist, not a song or a moment, J.I.D’s stance on the state of freestyling in 2018 makes plenty of sense. A viral freestyle will never outlive an album—unless, of course, it's a Black Thought freestyle—and to J.I.D’s point that freestyles are growing vapid and superfluous, perhaps so.


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Yet, there's an entirely different camp that suggests freestyling is one of the only ways to prove your status as a rapper. Then there is the semantic battle between a freestyle, a "freeverse," and when rappers are and are not spitting off the dome. There's plenty to contend with in the world of freestyling, but the underlying point is: J.I.D wants artists to say more, freestyle or otherwise. Whether or not freestyles are dead is beside the point, then, because what we have is a question of substance. 

With his sophomore album, Dicaprio 2, coming November 26, we can only imagine J.I.D will have plenty said on wax. 

Update: According to J.I.D, he said "addy," not "xanny," in reference to the drug he'd take that would allow him to rap for three hours straight. 

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