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J.I.D Doesn't Want to Become a Song

“I would rather become an album, or a few albums…”

Potential future GOAT J.I.D wants you to remember him for his albums, not for his equally engrossing singles. In a new interview with DJ DUBL, the Dreamville signee revealed that he came into the game with a very specific plan for what type of artist he wants to be.

“I always seen the people that would have these hits and have these songs, and then get forgotten about and nobody cares,” he explained. “You just become that song, you don’t become the artist, which is one of the scariest things in the world. I don’t wanna become a song. I would rather become an album, or a few albums… I always try to base my whole image on being a album artist, a touring artist, but not just a person known for singles.”

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We know that J.I.D is capable of making scorching singles—his breakneck “NEVER” still lights up basement parties and arena tours all the same—but he also has the wisdom to understand that one single cannot net you an enduring career. The artists we return to time and time again understand the value of making albums to be lived with.

The reason why we can’t stop listening to The Never Story, why J.I.D is always on our minds, is because, through his music and work ethic, we can tell he is in rap for the long haul. Singles fade and tastes change, but the artists we return to time and time again are the ones who create albums that exist beyond what’s hot on the charts.

While certain superstar artists don’t regard themselves as “album artists,” J.I.D’s dedication to craft will only serve him as he climbs the hip-hop ranks.

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