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Eminem's "Killshot" Beat Was Originally Made for Giggs

“When I realized it was gonna go to Eminem was the morning that MGK dropped ‘Rap Devil.’”

Remember that time Eminem eviscerated Machine Gun Kelly? Well, according to IllaDaProducer, the beat for Em’s “Killshot” diss track was originally made for Giggs.

“When I originally started the beat for ‘Killshot,’ it was actually for Giggs,” he told Genius in a new episode of Deconstructed. “He always asked me for these horror movie beats. That’s what I was thinking when I made the ‘Killshot’ beat was something mean, gritty, grimy. When I realized it was gonna go to Eminem was the morning that MGK dropped ‘Rap Devil.’ I was in Miami, with my girl, on vacation celebrating Kamikaze and I see MGK’s diss. I clicked on it, like, ‘Damn, that’s how it is, Ronny [J]?’ Right away, I went into my folder and tried to find the hardest beats possible. I sent [Eminem] two beats. It was like eight o’clock at night and I was like, ‘Yo, I sent Giggs some crazy shit.’ I hit Giggs, and he told me what beat he used, and he didn’t use [‘Killshot’]. I sent it [to Eminem] right away.”



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The Miami-bred artist is a Trojan horse in today's underground rap landscape.

Of course, this is not the first nor the last time that an iconic rap moment almost ended up as someone else’s single. Future’s “Codeine Crazy” was originally made for Nicki Minaj, Drake’s “Blue Tint” was originally for Big K.R.I.T., and French Montana’s smash hit “Unforgettable” was made for Drake

You never know what songs will or will not make rap history, so it’s best to just create and let the moments make themselves.

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