Our Entire Staff Reacts to Eminem's MGK Diss Track "KILLSHOT"

"This... this isn't a kill shot. You can't kill someone's career who is taking potassium supplements to remain off life support."
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Eminem "KILLSHOT" Staff Reaction

It wasn't a matter of "if" Eminem would respond to Machine Gun Kelly's "Rap Devil" diss track but "when." On Friday, Slim delivered his retort on "KILLSHOT," a four-plus minute all-out assault on the Cleveland-born rapper. 

In typical DJBooth fashion, below is a transcript from our staff Slack chat in the moments following the song's exclusive release on Audiomack.

sermonsdomain [2:50 PM] "How you gonna name yourself after a damn gun with a man bun?" What.

Jay Brock Sampson [2:50 PM] The first line is "You sound like a bitch, biiiiitch"

bmvaran [2:52 PM] smh djbooth always hatin on Em!

Jay Brock Sampson [2:52 PM] Em talking about leaving hickeys on Rihanna neck like the navy won't rip his jugular out

sermonsdomain [2:53 PM] Em made a reference to G-Eazy and Halsey like they ain't been broken up for months 

yoh [2:53 PM] Rihanna going to tweet "Love The Way You Lie" in response. I'm not mad at this

bmvaran [2:54 PM] Eminem did admit MGK dresses better

yoh [2:54 PM] Hahahahahaha this is comedy

sermonsdomain [2:54 PM] It's nowhere near the classic level he was at against Ja, Benzino and others, but this is pretty solid.

bmvaran [2:54 PM] He shoulda shot a music video in a parking lot like mgk

Jay Brock Sampson [2:54 PM] Em sounds like he's impersonating Robert DeNiro talking to himself in the mirror in Taxi Driver.

yoh [2:54 PM] !!!!

Jay Brock Sampson [2:54 PM] "I'd rather be 80-year-old me than 20-year-old you" nice, though

yoh [2:54 PM] It sounds like he's having a conversation with himself. MGK might be a figment of his imagination. "Had to give you a career to destroy it." Diddy definitely gave MGK a career

Jay Brock Sampson [2:55 PM] What's ironic about Em continually addressing "mumble rap" is that he's mumbling when he raps fast

yoh [2:56 PM] The Shady/live in my shadow bar was nice

Jay Brock Sampson [2:56 PM] Mmhmm

Z [2:56 PM] "You would suck a dick to be me for a second" lol

Jay Brock Sampson [2:56 PM] ARE PEOPLE STILL HUNG UP ON AUTO TUNE IN 2018?

yoh [2:56 PM] This beef feels so high school lol

stebars14 [2:56 PM] “so Em, he brought up your daughter and criticized the quality of your music. you need to hit him back.” Em: “Are you eating cereal or oatmeal?”

sermonsdomain [2:57 PM] Lol.

bmvaran [2:57 PM] I still can’t believe there was a point where bad boy’s roster was Diddy, French, MGK, Los, and Red Cafe

yoh [2:57 PM] "I'm just playing Diddy you know I love you" lmaoooo

Jay Brock Sampson [2:57 PM] @stebars14 This is the next step from "awfully hot coffee pot"

yoh [2:57 PM] Why was his name Cafe? I didn't find that weird until right now lmao

Jay Brock Sampson [2:57 PM] Not gonna lie, I had no idea MGK was on Bad Boy ever hahaha

Z [2:58 PM] Neither did Diddy

yoh [2:59 PM] Eminem framing MGK as if he's Stan but as a rapper is comedy. I would be more thrilled if this beef actually had some meat to it

Jay Brock Sampson [2:59 PM] At his worst Em is sounding more and more like Hopsin

Z [3:00 PM] This... this isn't a kill shot. You can't kill someone's career who is taking potassium supplements to remain off life support.

bmvaran [3:00 PM] I haven’t cared less about a beef since Game vs. Stitches

Jay Brock Sampson [3:00 PM] This is a flesh wound

yoh [3:00 PM] Yeah. This is more like a cap gun to the knee

Jay Brock Sampson [3:01 PM] At least Stitches is...interesting? @bmvaran

yoh [3:01 PM] Pusha-T spoiled us. He made a kid appear.

bmvaran [3:01 PM] need Stitches to put out the mega diss against Em, MGK and G-Eazy

yoh [3:01 PM] WW3

bmvaran [3:01 PM] take the throne as the ultimate white rapper

Jay Brock Sampson [3:02 PM] Em gotta sign Stitches to Shady Records and really give it to these meatballs

yoh [3:02 PM] Does MGK respond (of course he does)? And how does he out rap the out rapper?

Jay Brock Sampson [3:02 PM] Just hit him about the army caps. Easy 8 bars right there

bmvaran [3:03 PM] I liked mgk’s diss more

sermonsdomain [3:03 PM] Same.

Jay Brock Sampson [3:03 PM] What if it's a bait-and-switch ala "Infrared"?

bmvaran [3:04 PM] ur giving him too much credit lol

yoh [3:04 PM] Eh. Both diss records are pretty mid. I was more entertained by Em, though

Jay Brock Sampson [3:04 PM] These records don't slap

bmvaran [3:05 PM] mgk’s slapped more than I expected

Jay Brock Sampson [3:05 PM] And I still want my gas money

bmvaran [3:05 PM] more like a flick than a slap though

yoh [3:05 PM] A flick lmao. Audiomack is the winner of this beef.

Editor's Note: G-Eazy and Halsey are, as of September 14, 2018, together again. We apologize for any confusion that publishing this factual error may have caused.

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