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Future on What Has Changed for Him Since 2011: "$80 Million Richer"

Future is richer, but he is also more mature.

Future season has come with a bevy of press appearances. While the majority narrative is that Future is now beyond the lean-drinking, heartbroken persona that he purported for most of his career, we also have to give credit to the man for securing his bag. 

As he explains in a new Rolling Stone profile, in eight years, the bag has certainly been secured.

“$80 million richer,” Future told writer Charles Holmes in response to being asked what the biggest difference is between 2011 Future and 2019 Future. 

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However, Future also told Holmes: “I can’t apologize for being myself, but I do apologize if being myself caused you to act out of character.” 

As the profile suggests, Future is a complex man. He feels the weight of inspiring a whole generation to drink lean, of making it “seem so fucking cool.” But he also feels the money coming in from the persona he so thoughtfully cultivated.

Balancing those two truths must be difficult, and per his recent interviews, Future appears far from resolving these demons. Upon learning he is the reason Juice WRLD tried lean, he “was like ‘Oh shit. What the fuck have I done?'” Does this make Future a moralist? Not exactly, but it does make him a more mature musician. He knows that the money he’s made has not been without some fall out like the Juice WRLDs of the world.

How to party and also atone? Perhaps we will find out on his upcoming album, The WIZRD, dropping tomorrow, January 18.


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