Rico Nasty Wants Her Music to Be "Fluid"

“I wanna be for anybody that likes music.”
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Rico Nasty will not be pigeonholed. In a new interview with COLORS, the DMV rapper made clear that her music is for everyone—not just “for the girls.”

“There’s this spectrum of female rap. It’s like 75 percent of them, you can’t listen to their whole discography without listening to them talk about their pussy, and sucking dick, and busting it wide open,” Rico said. “And there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with a woman feeling like ‘Bitch, I’m a bad bitch. Pop that pussy on a handstand.’ There’s nothing wrong with that, we can say what we want. But, men don’t wanna hear that. They don’t listen to that when they playing basketball, or when they in the gym. It’s men that listen to my music, they be boppin my shit. It’s not that I want them to listen to me, I just want to be fluid. I don’t wanna be for the girls or for the guys, I wanna be for anybody that likes music.”

Rico is right: there is nothing wrong with hip-hop made by sexual women who want to go ahead and celebrate their sexuality. Men who aren’t down for that flavor of rap have to look more at themselves than they need to police what women rap about.

In the past Rico has said she makes music for “real women,” and it is refreshing to hear her wanting to step out of that box even further and exist as an artist for real people. Her music is sexual, and it is raucous, and it is unlike anything other rappers in his rising class are doing. She owns the sugar trap, and her star will continue rising as long as she shrugs off conventions and refuses to be boxed in.