A$AP Rocky is Sober—For Now

"The Backwoods is not good for me."
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Drugs are a dangerous game. A$AP Rocky knows this well and in a new interview with GQ, he revealed his plans to spend 2019 sober, despite his impulsive nature.

"I feel like people cope or use drugs as a vice," Rocky said of drug use's impact on creativity. "That's they own demons and shit like that, but I would say if you gotta depend on it, that means that you're not really talented to begin with. When you really on your journalism shit, I'm quite sure you probably popped an Adderall before but I don't think you depend on that shit, do you?"

"I did it for very selfish reasons, I'm not gonna lie," he continued. "For me. Just to really focus, honestly just to focus. The Backwoods is not good for me. I felt like I was addicted to that shit and I just needed to try something new. I'm a Libra, man. Honestly, I'm impulsive so who knows, in eight months I might be like, 'Alright, this shit is stressing me out!' But I'm good. To kids who do drugs, man, do them safely, bro."

First off, good for A$AP Rocky. Relying on drugs to be creative is a dangerous game that likely results in some heartbreaking consequences. His ability to recognize and publicize the toxicity of doing so is commendable. 

Though Rocky does not see himself as a role model, there is a lot to be said for him being so open about his sobriety. Moreover, his encouraging safe drug use is a big step for someone who does not want to be seen as a guide for his fans. 

Good luck to Rocky, sobriety is no easy journey.