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The Transcript of Lil Pump's Harvard Commencement Speech

"Good morning, Harvard class of 2019."
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Due to a recent miscommunication between Lil Pump and reading, the “Gucci Gang” rapper was under the impression he would be a commencement speaker at Harvard University.

He will not be speaking at Harvard. Ever.

All of us were disappointed by this news, including Lil Pump, who had already penned his entire commencement speech.

I have obtained a transcript of the speech, and it is nothing short of magnificent. It’s inspiring, insightful, and dare I say, life-changing. 

Since Lil Pump will never be able to actually give the speech, it'd be a waste to not share it with the world...

Good morning, Harvard class of 2019.

When I found out from HotNewHipHop dot com that I was going to be speaking here today, I was reminded of why I was put on this earth—to reach our young people. I know that literally all of you are older than me, but that is beside the point.

I know I may not look like a “typical” commencement speaker for an Ivy League graduation. My hair is dyed purple, I have several neck tattoos, and I'm currently holding a styrofoam cup of lean and cough syrup. But while my hair may be dyed, you know what will never “dye?”

Our dreams.

Many prestigious figures have passed through the halls of this school. Some of the most impactful and influential individuals in American history have attended Harvard.

Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy, Mark Zuckerberg, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Bill Gates.

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Do you know what else all these individuals have in common? None of them wrote “Gucci Gang,” and are therefore fucking worthless.

Harvard could have asked JFK to speak at this graduation, but instead, they chose me. Very telling.

I’m here today to talk about greatness. About finding greatness within yourself. To dare to dream. To stack racks on racks.

Webster’s dictionary defines “greatness” as “the state or condition or quality of being great,” and they define “grate” as “to reduce (something, especially food) to small shreds by rubbing it on a grater.” I think that’s important to remember.

I might only be 18, but I have had my fair share of adversity. Eminem dissed me last year. I lost a hard drive that contained my sophomore album in Norway. Lil Yachty once borrowed one of my sweaters without asking.

Life is going to throw challenges at you, but perseverance is key. This Rugrats neck tattoo I got last week represents perseverance and lifelong commitment. Also, “Rugrat” sounds a lot like “regret,” and I know I will never regret this tattoo.

To achieve greatness also requires freeing yourself from cynicism. In my song with Kanye West, “I Love It,” I rap the lyric, “You’re such a fuckin ho, I love it.” Let’s unpack that line.

“You’re such a fuckin ho, I love it.” No negativity, no resentment. It’s not “You’re such a fuckin ho, I judge it.”

We need to learn to be less judgmental of others. Everyone is fighting an invisible battle. Everyone has their own “Gucci Gang” of issues, if you will. So if someone is a “fuckin ho,” you owe it to them and yourself to simply love it—and them.

When life knocks you down, you get back up. If you believe in something, never stop pursuing it. Thomas Edison conducted 999 failed experiments. But the 1000th experiment ended up being the light bulb. Incredible. The lesson? Thomas Edison is a fucking moron who failed 999 times in a row. Dude was pathetic.

Most of you are probably familiar with my hit song “Gucci Gang.” Let’s close by talking about the significance of that song title. It's Gucci GANG. Not “Gucci Individual.” In this world, your only true currency is the connections you make, and interpersonal relationships you build with other people.

As you enter this new chapter of your lives, please remember that no matter what you accomplish... the real "Gucci Gang" is the friends who are made along the way.


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