Young Nudy: "It Probably Take Me About 5 Minutes [Per] Song"

Trust the process.
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Atlanta wizard Young Nudy does not need a lot of time to craft his mind-bending bars. In fact, the rapper only needs a few seconds with a beat and five minutes in the booth to give you a villain-ready banger.

"I’m a fast picker," he told Billboard. "I can hear the first five to ten seconds of a beat—I ain’t even gotta hear the bass. Once I hear the little sounds, and it’s a sound I like, I want that. Or not, keep going. Keep going, keep going. Then go in the booth and make it do what it do.

He continued: "It don’t take me long to make no song. I don’t go in there all stressed out, like, what the fuck, I need to say the best shit in the world. I just go in that bitch and have fun. That’s all I wanna do. I ain’t stressing myself out about no music shit. That’s the last thing I finna stress about. It probably take me about five minutes for each song."

Pursuing Atlanta's hip-hop crown with his latest project, Sli'merre, Nudy's approach is not unheard of. Sure, Hov made skirting the pad and pen a thing, but now a new crop of artists are freestyling and vibing their way to musical success.

"I’ma tell you another thing: I freestyle to the whole song, through the whole beat, from the top to the end," Nudy added. "Then I play the song over and I go in and find me the hook in what I said. Then I just put it together."

Just yesterday we discovered Denzel Curry freestyled the entirety of his incredible new album, ZUU. While some artists might need time with the pad and pen to get their music in order, others simply do not. No one method is better than another, it all depends on the energy you're looking to put forward.

For Nudy and Curry, this quick-fire approach is working.