Tyga Doesn't Remember His Lyrics (But Neither Can We)

Well then.
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It's Tyga season? Sure, it's Tyga season. Earlier this month, the West Coast rapper dropped off his latest album, Legendary. If you happened to miss this Tyga-ism, then do not fret, because Tyga seemingly forgot all about this album, too.

"It’s crazy, I don’t write down anything so I make it up as I go," Tyga told Variety in response to being asked to name the lyric he is most proud of on the album. "I don’t even remember. [Laughs] I couldn’t tell you lyric for lyric unless I was listening to the song."

Well, that's okay, Tyga. The album dropped with a majority thud, and outside of YG's "Go Loko," which sports a guest 16 from the 29-year-old, the mean streets of the internet have had little to say about Tyga or his Legendary album. At least the album is not as objectively offensive as Kyoto.

As fun as it is to ribald Tyga, we do have to commend him for bringing Latin trap stars onto his album and introducing them to the greater state-side audience. Not all heroes wear capes, not all albums named Legendary are inherently failures.