Drake's New Single "I'm Upset" Is About a Disloyal "Hoe" (Not Pusha T)

If only the record was as good as the single artwork.
Drake I'm Upset Single

Drake was really upset on Friday. Like, really really upset. So upset, in fact, he jumped into the booth and recorded "Duppy Freestyle," a response to Pusha T dissing him not once but twice on DAYTONA track "Infrared." But instead of just letting "Duppy" breathe over Memorial Day weekend, Drake decided to go back to back, delivering a brand new single in the form of "I'm Upset." 

Let's listen...

For those hoping the 6 God would deliver a one-two punch at Pusha, a la "Charged Up" and "Back to Back" in summer 2015, "I'm Upset" is actually not about Pusha T or Kanye or anyone in particular for that matter. It's about disloyal and disrespectful hoes (his words, not mine). Ho hum.

Considering Drake is currently dominating the charts, he didn't need to release another single—especially one that, after three listens, sounds like a throwaway. But with his new album, Scorpion, slated for release next month, keeping his name in the headlines (part of his winning formula this year) appears to be the mission. 

If only the record was as good as the single artwork.