Cheatcode ft. DJ N-E-B & Hugh Currier - Gangsta

  • Artist: CHEATCODE
  • Track: Gangsta
  • Producer: CHEATCODE
  • Album: Phantasmagoria

Last we heard from CHEATCODE, the restlessly-creative DJ and producer was mashing up dead prez and Pink Floyd on an acclaimed April remix of They Schools. Gangsta, part of a recently-released instrumental EP from the Massachusetts repper, isn't quite as high-concept as that jam, but its punch is powerful nonetheless. With the help of DJ N-E-B and guitarist Hugh Currier, CHEAT contructs an adrenaline-pumping hybrid of hip-hop, reggae, rock trap and dubstep. For more adventurous, genre-blending grooves, cop the headliner's Phantasamagoria EP, available now for free digital download.