Jeezy ft. Jay Z - Seen It All

  • Artist: Jeezy
  • Track: Seen It All
  • Feat. JAY-Z
  • Producer: Cardo
  • Album: Seen It All LP

Just when you thought that you've Seen It All, YoungJeezy makes the announcement that his new single, which is also the title track off his upcoming LP, features a little someone by the name of Shawn Carter. That should get hip-hop heads on the interwebs talking, eh? Over the cool boardwork of Cardo, the two hip-hop veterans share the stage, complementing one another instead of one overshadowing the other. Is this collaboration, originally conceived during Magna Carta Holy Grail sessions, a great way to kick off the CTE bossman's fifth major label studio album (out September 2) or just a bunch of hype without the substance to back it up? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.