Jim Jones ft. Lil Wayne, Twista & NOE - Swagger from Us

  • Artist: Jim Jones
  • Track: Swagger from Us ft. Lil Wayne, Twista & NOE
  • Feat. Lil Wayne, Twista
  • Producer: Chink Santana & Kanye West
  • Album: Unreleased

"Swagger." It’s the latest “in” word. If you possess it, there is really no better way to spread the news than by creating a song centered on it. While you’re at it, you’ll probably want to use the word in the song’s title (and of course in the chorus). And who likes a single without guest features? Get a whole bunch of your friends, all of whom also possess it, and have them spit swaggerific bars about it. In case you were wondering (or, maybe, you don’t get out much), the song I am referring to (amongst similar copycat versions) is T.I. and Jay-Z’s dual single, Swagger Like Us. After it dropped this summer, Dipset Capo Jim Jones took umbrage; he has since remixed the song (now entitled Swagger from Us) with some tweaked production from Chink Santana, and guest verses from Lil’ Wayne (whose “swagger” is evidently certified), Twista, and NOE. So, do you possess enough swagger to take a listen? We think so…