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Big Boi on the Possibility of New OutKast: “Whenever ‘Dre is Ready, I’m Always Ready”

By Donna-Claire Chesman | Posted November 27, 2017
“Nobody can stop us, together or separate, and that’s not being cocky, that’s being real.”
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Big Boi Uses Tasty Thanksgiving Analogy to Describe Rap in 2017

By DJ Z | Posted October 31, 2017
Are we missing out on more delicious, filling meals?
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Big Boi ‘BOOMIVERSE’ 1 Listen Album Review

By Yoh | Posted June 16, 2017
'BOOMIVERSE' isn’t an explosion, but it's a welcome offering from Big Boi fans waiting on new music.

Big Boi Explains How Social Media Has Changed Rap

By DJ Z | Posted June 14, 2017
Big Boi speaks on the era of less tweeting and more slapping the shit out of people.
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Big Boi - Chocolate ft. Troze

By Brendan V | Posted June 12, 2017
Artist(s): Big Boi
Tags: Club

Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Danger Mouse’s “Chase Me” With Big Boi & Run The Jewels

By DJ Z | Posted May 18, 2017
Listen to the adrenaline-fueled first single off the forthcoming 'Baby Driver' soundtrack.

Big Boi - Mic Jack ft. Adam Levine

By DJ Z | Posted May 17, 2017
Artist(s): Big Boi

Big Boi Works on Records for 3 Years, Lets His Kids Pick Singles

By DJ Z | Posted May 4, 2017
"My boys have been picking singles with me since 'Bombs Over Baghdad.'"
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