Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper


Chance The Rapper Apologizes to Dr. Dre for Making Fun of Aftermath

By DJ Z | one day ago
"I set out to empower and I completely missed the ball and I know that now."

Louder Than A Bomb: The Growing Legacy of Kevin Coval

By Yoh | 2 days ago
How Kevin Coval is telling Chicago's story and using hip-hop to change its future for the better.

Chance The Rapper, The Fresh Prince & the Madness of Summertime

By Yoh | one week ago
Summer is known as a time of bliss, but the reality is that when it gets hot, it gets violent.

Chance The Rapper Studies His “OGs” Kendrick Lamar & Drake

By Andy James | 2 weeks ago
"I study both of them and I get excited when they drop music."
Red Bull Sound Select presents:
Xavier Omär - Afraid (prod. by Bizness Boi)

Chance The Rapper Expands Rapper Radio Platform to Help More Artists Gain Airplay

By DJ Z | one month ago
"Our goal is to make radio an accessible platform."

DJ Khaled Delivers Star-Studded Song of the Summer Contender “I’m the One”

By Andy James | about 2 months ago
Because pop music just can’t help itself from whitewashing Jamaican music right now, can it?

Praise & Questions: How Kendrick & Chance Talk to God in Different Ways

By Miguelito | 2 months ago
The two biggest mainstream religious rappers have very different ways of displaying their faith.

Meet L10MixedIt, the Engineer Behind Chance The Rapper, Noname & Smino’s Breakthrough Projects

By Miguelito | 2 months ago
The Chicago engineer is helping to turn Chicago's Classick Studios into a new age Dungeon Family.
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