Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper


Lawsuit Against Chance The Rapper Latest Reminder You Can Be Sued for a Sample on a Free Mixtape

By DJ Z | Posted September 13, 2017
Chance joins Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller as the latest big-name rapper to be sued over an unauthorized sample.

Chance The Rapper Previews a New Song Dripping In ‘90s R&B Nostalgia

By DJ Z | Posted August 22, 2017
Chance's new record samples Soul For Real's classic '90s jam, "Every Little Thing I Do."

How Becoming a Parent Changed Chance’s Approach to Making Music

By DJ Z | Posted August 9, 2017
"I just can't be at the studio all night because I have a daughter."

Chance The Rapper Teases New Music With Childish Gambino (Again)

By DJ Z | Posted July 18, 2017
"Me and Donald [Glover] have more songs together."
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