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Childish Gambino


Rich Chigga Admits Childish Gambino’s ‘Royalty’ Mixtape Changed His Life

By DJ Z | Posted November 15, 2017
"It was the first album that I ever listened to in general, and it was what really got me into hip-hop."
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Donald Glover Promises That Chance Mixtape Because 14-Year-Olds Scare Him

By DJ Z | Posted September 18, 2017
Don't hold your breath, though.

Joe Budden, “Pump It Up” & the Curious Case of Misleading Rap Singles

By Yoh | Posted September 7, 2017
From Joe Budden to Joey Bada$$, lead singles don't always taste like the main course.

Childish Gambino’s Label Head Credits RapCaviar for “Redbone” Radio Success

By DJ Z | Posted August 15, 2017
"Radio stations picked up on that—'If RapCaviar can play it, then I can.'"

What Childish Gambino & Kanye Taught Me About Artistic Pursuit

By Ryan "SamuRy" Payan | Posted August 14, 2017
The influences of modern-day Renaissance men like Donald and Ye goes way beyond music.

Donald Glover Acknowledges Industry Success is Based on Speaking “Old White Man”

By DJ Z | Posted August 9, 2017
"You have to make them understand that you speak their language — that you speak old white man."

Chance The Rapper Teases New Music With Childish Gambino (Again)

By DJ Z | Posted July 18, 2017
"Me and Donald [Glover] have more songs together."

Childish Gambino, JAY-Z & Why Great Art Doesn’t Need to Reflect Your Reality

By Yoh | Posted July 12, 2017
You don’t have to be a parent to experience the joys and terrors of parenthood.

Childish Gambino in Bidding War With Three Major Record Labels

By DJ Z | Posted April 28, 2017
A major label signing likely means more music is on the horizon.
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