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10 Best Live Hip-Hop Albums, Ranked

By Jaap van der Doelen | Posted January 4, 2018
Live, alive, unplugged and orchestrated—these are the best live hip-hop albums of all time.

10 Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Albums of 2018, Ranked

By Yoh | Posted December 19, 2017
From Kanye to Chance to Drake and beyond, these are the albums we're most looking forward to next year.

Kanye West Used Chaka Khan’s Son to Clear the Sample on “Through The Wire”

By DJ Z | Posted October 23, 2017
"Totally uncalculated, all God."

CyHi The Prynce Hung Up on Kanye Delivering the Biggest News of His Career

By DJ Z | Posted September 27, 2017
In the midst of tragedy, CyHi experienced some of the best news of his life.

10 Most Disappointing Rap Posse Cuts From the Internet Age, Ranked

By Yoh | Posted September 27, 2017
Ten of the greatest recent collections of talent on wax that pretty much suck.

Kanye West Knew Hip-Hop Would Accept Electronic Production in 2007 Because He Did It

By DJ Z | Posted September 11, 2017
10 years later, it turns out West's braggadocious presumption was correct.

10 Years Later, Kanye West’s “Everything I Am” Remains His Last Comfortable Moment

By Matt Wilhite | Posted September 11, 2017
For the last 10 years, Kanye’s career has been defined by internal madness; “Everything I Am” was his final moment of clarity.

Is Kanye West’s ‘Graduation’ Album a Masterpiece? We Debate

By DJ Z | Posted September 10, 2017
Is 'Graduation' overrated or another Kanye classic? An album that spoke to your soul or 'Ye's emptiest effort?
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