Killer Mike

Killer Mike


11 Best Killer Mike Songs Ever, According to Killer Mike

By DJ Z | Posted October 18, 2017
No Run The Jewels included.

Killer Mike Says Rap Groups Need Four Albums to Be Considered “Proper,” Is He Right?

By Brent Bradley | Posted June 8, 2017
The “Zeppelin Effect” doesn’t always hold true when it comes to rap groups.

Killer Mike’s Barber Shop Interview with George Clinton is Full of Gems

By Brent Bradley | Posted April 20, 2017
There’s nothing quite like watching two masters of their craft chop it up.

5 Worthy Candidates for Hip-Hop Attorney General

By Brent Bradley | Posted March 2, 2017
Jeff Sessions' continued slippage has us looking to hip-hop for a more suitable A.G.

Killer Mike, Lil Uzi Vert & The Difference Between Loving & Hating Rap

By DJ Z | Posted February 14, 2017
"I love my job so, for me, I never ever in my life have to return to anything criminal."

Killer Mike Estimates the Incredible Amount of Weed Smoked During ‘RTJ3’ Sessions

By Brent Bradley | Posted January 27, 2017
In the words of Killer Mike himself: do dope, fuck hope.
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