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How Pharrell Helped Vic Mensa Turn Self-Loathing & Doubt Into Ego Death

By DJ Z | Posted July 24, 2017
"It was about letting my ego jump off that building, a shadow of me jumping off, and another incarnation flying to the sky."

SZA’s ‘Ctrl’ Album Has a “Dream” Feature From Pharrell

By Andy James | Posted June 7, 2017
In case you weren't already excited for SZA's album.
Tags: SZA, Brief

Pharrell Explains Exactly Why Pusha T Is a Lyrical Genius

By Andy James | Posted April 3, 2017
"When he’s talking over the beat, you’re like, ‘man…why do you feel this way?’"
Tags: Pusha T, Brief

Just Blaze Says Pharrell is the GOAT Producer, Is He Right?

By DJ Z | Posted March 16, 2017
He's not wrong.

Pharrell Williams Pays Tyler, The Creator the Ultimate Compliment

By DJ Z | Posted March 13, 2017
Tyler must be over the moon.

Charlamagne Admits to Pharrell That Radio Can No Longer Create Voices

By Brent Bradley | Posted December 12, 2016
It’s something we know deep down, but hearing Charlemagne admit it is still a gut shot.
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