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Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo [Album]

After what seems like an eternity, Kanye West's seventh studio album, The Life Of Pablo (formerly WAVES, formerly SWISH, formerly So Help Me God), is finally upon us, following a roll-out so full of title changes, PR... Read More


Kanye Reveals T.L.O.P Meaning, Shares Final Album Tracklisting [Feature ]

T.L.O.P.  Earlier this week, Kanye tweeted out the acronym as his new album title and dared his million of followers to try and decode what it stood for. After 24 hours, Kanye has revealed the new title on a fresh... Read More


Breaking Down Kanye West’s Career By the Numbers [Feature ]

Every time Kanye tweets, 100% of his 18.5 million followers get 15% dumber. His tweets are 30% factual information and 70% about Kylie Jenner and rarely reach 140 characters. “Facts” is 99.9% garbage.... Read More


Did Kanye West Turn Down the Beats Headphones Deal Before Dr. Dre? [Feature ]

Late last night I got a message from Yoh: "Hey Nathan did you hear this rumor about how Beats By Dre originally was a deal for Kanye but he turned it down?", no I had not heard that rumor, because I'm pretty... Read More


Kanye West Changes Album Title to “T.L.O.P.” & Offers Prize If You Guess Meaning [Feature ]

Just a few weeks ago I declared myself done with Kanye West and here I am at 2:30 in the morning trying to guess acronyms. Yeezy season is upon us, and none of us can escape. Kanye, known for epic rollouts, mind blowing... Read More


Kanye West Says Kendrick Lamar is the “God MC” [Feature ]

Today L.A. radio host Big Boi got Kanye West on the phone to talk about his ever-changing album titles (yawn), his ridiculous Twitter beef with Wiz Khalifa (nap) and if Drake really does have a bigger pool (goodnight). But... Read More


Kanye West “SNL” Performance Coming February 13 [Feature ]

Live from New York, it’s Yeezy season! Kanye puts asses in seats [I'll let you insert your own Kanye butt joke here] and SNL is reportedly looking to capitalize on Yeezy's draw. According to... Read More


Young Thug & Kanye West Have 40 Songs Together [Feature ]

There's a certain amount of the population who will read that headline and launch into some sort of tirade against Kanye and Young Thug, they'll probably throw in a couple gay jokes they think are hilarious but... Read More


All 29 People Who Signed Kanye West’s “WAVES” Tracklist [Feature ]

Hate to say it, but I told you so. I don’t. Remember when I said that the (then) SWISH handwritten tracklist was by no means official and that changes are most definitely imminent? Well.... I TOLD... Read More


Kanye Deletes Tweets After Ridiculously Petty Beef With Wiz Khalifa [Feature ]

It all started last night when Kanye announced that his album SWISH would now be named WAVES and of course people reacted.  Mick Jenkins, who previously released an EP named Waves, announced that his next... Read More


A Kanye Stan’s Crisis of Faith as “WAVES” Approaches [Feature ]

Music is a religion, at least for me. When an artist's sermon hits you it’s spiritual. When an artist's sermon connects with you it helps you make sense of the world. You can live your life based off... Read More


Kanye West Changes Album Title From “SWISH” to “WAVES,” For Now [Feature ]

STOP THE PRESSES! KANYE HAS ONCE AGAIN CHANGED THE TITLE OF HIS ALBUM! Earlier this evening, West took to his Twitter to tell his 17.5 million followers that his forthcoming LP will no longer called SWISH. In... Read More


Kanye to Stream “SWISH” in Movie Theaters on February 11 [Feature ]

This weekend we got the official tracklist for Kanye's SWISH album, which we all assumed was dropping February 11. Psyche! Kind of. Maybe.  As Pigeons and Planes pointed out, tickets are currently on sale in movie... Read More


Kanye West’s Early “College Dropout” Track List Will Blow Your Mind [Feature ]

Welcome to throwback...Monday? As the rap world looks ahead to SWISH after Kanye announced its completion and tweeted a preliminary tracklist, longtime comrade Consequence has given us a reason to look back.... Read More


Kanye Shares Official Tracklist for “SWISH,” Calls It “Best Album of All-Time” [Feature ]

After a three year wait for a new album from Kanye West, a Kylie Jenner-bombed tracklist can only mean one thing. Yeezy season is finally upon us. Earlier tonight, Kanye took to Twitter to announce that... Read More


Kanye West - Black Skinhead (Remix) ft. Miley Cyrus, Travis Scott & Lupe Fiasco [Stream]

Update: Sorry, “Black Skinhead (Remix)” is no longer streaming. We will be sure to update if and when an official stream is made available. Read More


Kanye Says His Best Friends Threatened to Kill Him on “No More Parties in L.A.” [Feature ]

Another week, another great Kanye West song. I closed out 2015 worried that we'd lost Kanye the musician forever to Kanye the aspiring fashion icon, but his royal Yeezyness has come with the en fuego flames this January... Read More


Let’s Talk About Kanye West’s $250K Sex Laptop [Feature ]

"I had a cousin that stole my laptop that I was fuckin' bitches on / Paid that nigga 250 thousand just to get it from him" First Thought: His own cousin stole his laptop and blackmailed him? That's messed... Read More


Kanye West Finally Let Us Into His Family Business, But Is His Family Real? [Feature ]

We ain't letting everybody in our family business That line in the third verse of “Family Business” has always appeared to be a humble promise from a rapper on the cusp of stardom to the family he candidly... Read More


Kanye West Announces Release Date for “SWISH” Album [Feature ]

Kanye West had a fairly busy day on Friday. The Chicago native began the day by releasing a new song entitled "Real Friends" (and a snippet of "No More Parties In LA"), which was promptly removed from his... Read More


Yeezy Back: Kanye West’s “Real Friends” is Everything I Had Stopped Hoping For [Feature ]

Yeezy back.  This past year and some change's been a rollercoaster ride for those of us willing to drop everything to listen to some new Kanye West music. The top of 2015 arrived with an album seemingly on the... Read More


Kim Kardashian Says Kanye West Will Release New Music Every Friday, Starting Today [Feature ]

Are you ready for the return of GOOD Fridays? According to Kanye West's wife (and pseudo publicist and digital assistant) Kim Kardashian West, the superstar recording artist is set to release new every Friday, starting... Read More


Kanye West’s Fake “American Idol” Audition is Great But Also Kind of Terrible [Feature ]

Honestly, I didn't know American Idol was on TV at all, it feels like that show's been running since the Reagan administration. But apparently Idol's preparing to enter its final season and the show... Read More


Kanye’s “SWISH” is a Real Album, He Played It for Lamar Odom [Feature ]

Lamar Odom hasn’t had the best couple of months years, but Kanye West brightened his day yesterday by giving the former Laker an exclusive preview of his long-rumored album, SWISH, while Odom is still in the hospital... Read More


5 Memorable Lines from Kanye West’s “MBDTF” For It’s 5-Year Anniversary [Feature ]

From the moment Kanye exploded onto the scene with The College Dropout, he revolutionized the rap industry and with each new album broke the mold he had created on the album before. In both production and lyrical content, his... Read More


The Concert That Changed My Life: Kanye West’s Touch The Sky Tour Revisited [Feature ]

"Soul Survivor" played for the second time in an hour. My Game Boy Advance ran out of battery so I counted the raindrops, tracing their path with my finger as they trickled down the window collecting more drops along the... Read More


G.O.O.D. Music Head Che Pope Talks Yeezus, Sampling in Hip-Hop [Feature ]

Che Pope is a name you should definitely know, but you would be excused if you didn't. The somewhat veiled head of G.O.O.D. Music, who has been around the game for several decades, producing hits for the... Read More


Travi$ Scott & Kanye West Dress as Homeless Jedi’s In “Piss On Your Grave” Video [Feature ]

At the end of September, Travi$ Scott made two Instagram posts that set the rumor mill ablaze. He posted two photos, both included Kanye West, one is even captioned, “Travis x Kanye Soon.” The internet... Read More


George Bush Laughs At The Possibility Of Kanye Running For President [Feature ]

Since Kanye’s presidential announcement at the VMA’s it seems like every few days someone new is chiming in with their two cents on Mr. West. Earlier this month President Obama sent some advice to his fellow... Read More


Kanye West Unveils Striking Silent Film for “Yeezy Season 2” [Feature ]

If you haven't noticed by now, Kanye West isn't exactly subtle. That charactersistic was never more evident than last month at the second unveiling of his Yeezy Season clothing line that made it's debut... Read More


Wait, What? Mike Dean Teases An Alternate Version Of “Devil In A New Dress” [Feature ]

I change favorite songs more than I change my underwear, but one that is always, always in the discussion is Kanye’s “Devil In a New Dress.” It is a masterpiece. Man, I fucking love this song.... Read More


Get Em High: That Time Kanye Used Talib Kweli To Pick Up Girls [Feature ]

I’ve been replaying the conversation in my head. Where did we go wrong? Every time I think about it, I am crestfallen all over again. I get that sinking feeling in my stomach. The knots in my throat. Suddenly... Read More


The New Kanye West SoundCloud Account Might be Fake But the Music is Amazing [Feature ]

Kanye West isn’t the biggest name when it comes to using social media or the internet. He pops up at random times on Twitter for lengthy photo posts of his wife, Kim Kardashian, or to rant about the state of the mobile... Read More


Kanye West - Say You Will (New Version) ft. Caroline Shaw [Stream]

Also: Listen to Kanye’s “When I See It,” a freestyle over The Weeknd’s “Tell Your Friends.” Read More


Kanye West - When I See It (Tell Your Friends Freestyle) [Stream]

Also: Listen to an updated version of Kanye’s “Say You Will,” now featuring additional vocals from Caroline Shaw. Read More


Kanye West Says “Yeezus” is Stronger Than “MBDTF,” is Obviously Lying [Feature ]

I love Kanye West. Without him I wouldn't be here. He inspires me and nothing he's done has inspired me more than My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. College Dropout will always be number one, my oldest... Read More


Kanye West Kills Any Hope New Album is Coming Soon [Feature ]

I still remember waking up at 8 AM and racing to the Barnes & Noble (it was closer than best buy) to pick up a copy of Kanye’s Late Registration. Back then album release dates were concrete things. If they said it... Read More


President Kanye West Drops “I Feel It (Enslaved)” - Where’s the Album Though? [Feature ]

Kanye West is a busy man. Between focusing on fashion, launching a political career and focusing on fashion some more, it's now been more than six months since we heard any actual music from Yeezy. So perhaps... Read More


Kanye West - I Feel It ft. Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign [Stream]

Note: As expected, all streams of the record are being taken down. Read More


From 6 God to Yeezus, Hip-Hop’s New God Flow [Feature ]

The year is 1966, three years after the world was first infected by a severe case of Beatlemania. It was complete, undisputed domination. The Beatles were inarguably the biggest band in the world, so big that John Lennon... Read More


Mikkey Halsted: Kanye Almost Signed to Cash Money, Birdman Threatened to Kill Me [Feature ]

[Image via Mikkey Halsted] “Now let's go, take 'em back to the plan / Me and my momma hopped in that U-Haul van” - Kanye West "Touch The Sky" Every self-respecting Kanye fan knows the story all too... Read More


A Serious Look at President Kanye West, Seriously [Feature ]

[Image via Instagram] When Kanye announced that he was going to run for president in 2020 it was hard to tell if he was serious, we assumed he wasn’t. The idea of President Yeezy seems like a SNL concept or Dave... Read More


Kanye Said He’s Running for President Because This Kid Yelled at Him [Feature ]

"Listen to the kids, bro." It turns out that the prevailing theme for Kanye's Video Vanguard Award acceptance speech at last Sunday's Video Music Awards was more than just rhetoric. When Ye dropped the bomb that... Read More


6 Classic Lines from Kanye’s Late Registration [Feature ]

[Art via Instagram] Say what you will about the man, but Kanye West has been one of the most important artists of the millennium. 10 years ago, Kanye helped solidify this status by releasing his second classic album in... Read More


10 Years Later, Kanye West’s “Late Registration” is a Classic Album…Right? [Feature ]

When Nathan asked me to do a ten year anniversary piece for Late Registration it caught me off guard. At first the only thing I could think was, “Shit, it’s been ten years? I’m really getting old.”... Read More


Kanye Plays New Album, Will It Be “Over For Everybody” Soon? [Feature ]

As we continue our wait for Kanye's next album, SWISH (am I obligated to type that in all caps?), Brooklyn artist and Ye affiliate Theophilus London took to Twitter last night to share the news that he had,... Read More


Chance The Rapper: “Me & Kanye…Are Working on a Collab Effort” [Feature ]

Unless you are an regular viewer of ABC 7's Windy City Live in Chicago, you may have missed this bombshell of a quote from Chance The Rapper: Me and uh, and Kanye and a lot of Chicago artists and a lot of dope... Read More


Did This Terrible Person Just Terribly Leak Kanye’s Entire “SWISH” Album? [Feature ]

Much like the promise of new Gucci Mane music despite his lengthy prison sentence, album leaks are inevitable in 2015. Case in point, Kanye's next album, SWISH, which seems to have made its way to the Internet... Read More


Big Sean - All Your Fault ft. Kanye West [Stream]

Undoubtedly a standout selection off his latest full-length release, Big Sean‘s All Your Fault, which features and is co-produced by Kanye West, has received a visual treatment. Director Mark Mayer creates an artsy, 3D... Read More


Big Sean - One Man Can Change the World ft. Kanye West & John Legend [Stream]

Update: The visuals for Big Sean‘s One Man Can Chance The World, presented as an homage to his late grandmother Mildred V. Leonard, have been added. Big Sean has said there’s nothing more important than the mula,... Read More


Vic Mensa - U Mad ft. Kanye West [Stream]

Update: The Grant Singer-directed visuals for Vic Mensa’s U Mad single have been added. Two months ago, Kanye shook up the ‘net when he previewed Wolves, a record off his forthcoming album with Sia and Vic Mensa.... Read More


Yeezy Season? Making Sense of Kanye West’s Confusing 2015 [Feature ]

When the New Year begun, I remember the excitement for Kanye’s “Only One.” It was the pre-play excitement, when your mind creates that assumption you'll soon be getting an earful of genius. The... Read More


Is Kanye West’s “Graduation” Album a Masterpiece? We Debate [Feature ]

The great Abraham Lincoln once said, "A house divided cannot stand," and that's true. Lincoln was a very wise man. But on the other hand, Big Sean once said, "I guess drama makes for the best content." Oh shit,... Read More


Kanye West Changes Forthcoming Album Title to “Swish” [Feature ]

There is still no release date for Kanye West's forthcoming album, but it has been given a new title. For now. I’m changing my album name to SWISH — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) May 3, 2015 I might... Read More


Tyler, The Creator - Smuckers ft. Kanye West & Lil Wayne [Stream]

Mere minutes ago Tyler, The Creator unleashed his Cherry Bomb album and it was immediately obvious that the standout selection from the project was Smuckers, featuring these two guys you might have heard of, Kanye West and... Read More


Kendrick Lamar To Guest on a Remix of Kanye West’s “All Day”? [Feature ]

To date, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar have not been featured on the same record, but soon that might change. Despite the lack of an announced release date (will we even get one?) for Ye's forthcoming album, So Help... Read More


Wale - The Summer League ft. Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign [Stream]

The Summer League is usually meant for rookies, but that is not the case today. Wale, who is readying the release of his new album, just premiered a new, Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign-assisted record at Hot 97 in New York.... Read More


Kanye West - Awesome [Stream]

After officially releasing a ballad for his baby girl earlier this year on Only One, Kanye‘s latest work (which has not officially been released by the artist) seems to be a similarly-styled ode to wife Kim Kardashian.... Read More


“Power” Trip: How Much Power Does Kanye Actually Have? [Feature ]

Have you sped? I mean really sped? On my way to college, I would make the trek up U.S. Route 15. Once you get out of 95's gridlock, where the strip malls turn to farmland, it's a straight shot; unless of course you... Read More


31 People Worked on Kanye’s “All Day” & That’s a GOOD Thing [Feature ]

Kanye West's "All Day" started off as a laughably low quality snippet that leaked in 2014, anticipation built over the course of six months as gradually longer and higher quality snippets leaked, the final... Read More


Big Sean ft. Drake & Kanye West - Blessings (Extended Version) [Stream]

Update: The Darren Craig-directed visuals for Big Sean’s Blessings single have been added. AND THE BLESSINGS JUST KEEP COMING!!! Just thirty minutes after Big Sean and Drake‘s banger of a collaboration hit the... Read More


Kanye West - All Day (CDQ) ft. Allan Kingdom, Theophilus London & Paul McCartney [Stream]

2015 is a strange time to be a music fan. The first snippet of Kanye West‘s All Day leaked six months ago, but even that low quality mess was enough to get people talking. In the months since, the internet has seen a... Read More


Kanye West Announces New Album Title, “So Help Me God” [Feature ]

Kanye West has announced via Twitter that the title of his forthcoming album will be So Help Me God. New Album title... — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) March 1, 2015 So Help Me God — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest)... Read More


Kanye West - All Day (Brit Awards Performance) [Stream]

Please enable Javascript to watch this video Most artists premiere a new song on SoundCloud, or if they’re smart on DJBooth. Kanye West? He uses major award and art shows to do his bidding. Why? Because his life is... Read More


Big Sean - One Man Can Change the World (Statik Selektah Remix) ft. Kanye West & John Legend [Stream]

On the latest single off his much-anticipated junior set, Big Sean and a few of his most talented homies expressed their unshakable faith that One Man Can Change the World. Now, Statik Selektah is here to show us that one man... Read More


Kanye West - Jesus Walks x Only One x Wolves (SNL Performance) [Stream]

Last night, Saturday Night Live celebrated 40 years on the air, and what better way to celebrate than by bringing on the most talked about man in hip-hop, Kanye West? In typical Ye fashion Ye didn’t pull any punches,... Read More


Preview Kanye West’s “Wolves” with Vic Mensa & Sia [Feature ]

Today, during the unveiling of his Yeezy Supply line with adidas, Kanye West previewed the opening track on his new, still-untitled new album. "Wolves" features GRAMMY nominee Sia and fellow Chicagoan and buzzmaker Vic... Read More


Rihanna ft. Kanye West & Paul MacCartney - FourFiveSeconds (Live at The GRAMMYs) [Stream]

Rihanna and Kanye West performed their Paul McCartney-assisted and produced FourFiveSeconds live at the 57th annual GRAMMY awards program. In an interview prior to the show broadcast, West announced that he will Executive... Read More


Kanye West ft. Paul McCartney - Only One (Live at The GRAMMYs) [Stream]

For the first time in six years, Kanye West hit The GRAMMYs stage, where he performed his current single, Only One, accompanied by the legendary Paul McCartney. Watch below. Read More