New Vic Mensa Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Hating on Lil Yachty is Officially Out of Style [Feature ]

During a free show this past Saturday evening on the campus of the University of Cincinnati, Vic Mensa took a shot at everyone's favorite red-braided rapper, spitting "Then I signed to the 'Roc now they say I'm... Read More


7 Best Rap Protest Songs of 2016 [Feature ]

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve seen a few memes on my Twitter timeline that compare how we entered 2016—smiling and happy—with how the year has ended: an absolute mess. They’re obviously meant to be... Read More


Vic Mensa Crushes Back-to-Back Guest Features For KAMI & Injury Reserve [Feature ]

Vic Mensa is an incredibly versatile artist, a trait that surely had a hand in his being signed to Roc Nation, and over the course of 2016 we’ve gotten to witness a full range of his abilities.On his... Read More


Vic Mensa Says Donald Trump’s Victory “Had To Happen” [Feature ]

Across the nation, people are feeling hopeless after Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election, but artists like Vic Mensa are finding a whole new level of motivation in the fight for justice.Mensa has... Read More


Vic Mensa Labels Lil Wayne’s BLM Stance an “Ignorant, Selfish & Isolated Position to Take” [Feature ]

Over the past year, Vic Mensa has become a voice for frustrated black youth. His musical movement toward politics and activism can be heard on his excellent 2016 release There's Alot Going On, an EP that includes "16... Read More


10 Artists Missing From Spotify’s Top 25 Under 25 List [Feature ]

As Spotify continues to dominate the streaming landscape, the platform has become useful as a tool to measure an artist’s buzz and relevance, as we recently detailed with hip-hop’s limited representation... Read More


Vic Mensa’s “16 Shots” Video is a Gut-Wrenching Portrait of Police Brutality [Feature ]

Vic Mensa has gone through a very emphatic transformation in recent years, and I’m not talking about his rock star appearance or Roc Nation allegiance.When he left Kids These Days and released his debut solo project... Read More


Vic Mensa Has Become the Voice for Frustrated Black Youth [Feature ]

We didn’t know how political Vic Mensa could get until the past year, when he more avidly began marching and protesting, even clashing with police—and when he released There’s Alot Going On, a powerful seven... Read More


Relax, Mick Jenkins, Chance The Rapper & Vic Mensa Don’t Have a Joint Project [Feature ]

Earlier today (September 14), Mick Jenkins did a Q&A with Twitter Music. Fans asked him everything from who his favorite emcee is right now — to which he answered his A Quest For Love tourmate Smino... Read More


Vic Mensa On Jay Z’s New Music: “It’s Fresh As F*ck” [Feature ]

In an interview about his upcoming album and social injustice, Vic Mensa made a comment about Jay Z that will get fans excited.“I've heard a little bit of some Hov shit and it's fresh as fuck, but I can't... Read More


Vic Mensa on Near Death Acid Trip: “I’m Just Glad It Wasn’t a Real Pistol” [Feature ]

While Vic Mensa's music has been taking on a more conscious, political tone of late, one of the most startling lines from his powerful There’s A lot Going On EP mentioned a situation where he nearly killed... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Vic Mensa & Joey Purp’s Sway Freestyle [Feature ]

Not everyone needs to be able to freestyle like crazy to be a dope emcee. Some emcees are more vibe and energy oriented, others are so meticulous about their lyricism that everything needs to be carefully written down ahead... Read More


Vic Mensa Cancels “Traffic” to Make More Personal Album [Feature ]

Vic Mensa still has a new album on the way, but it won’t be the one his fans have been waiting for.In an interview with AllHipHop, the Chicago native said that after finishing his... Read More


Vic Mensa Makes Play for the Mainstream, Signs With Mega-Manager Scooter Braun [Feature ]

Billboard is reporting that budding superstar and Roc Nation signee Vic Mensa has signed a management deal with mega-manager Scooter Braun, best known as Justin Bieber's longtime manager. Mensa is one of... Read More


Family Matters: The Brotherhood of Chance the Rapper & Vic Mensa [Feature ]

Rap's always had a strong sense of comradery. Collectives and crews seem like families, a brotherhood with a "my brother’s keeper" mentality. Breakups aren’t seen as artists going their separate ways but the... Read More


There’s a Lot Going on Behind the Vic Mensa I Thought I Knew [Feature ]

Since “U Mad” I’ve been quick to get on Vic Mensa's case. I’ve written, tweeted, and talked with anyone who would listen about the fall of Vic Mensa during his rise. I loved Innanetape, and... Read More


Vic Mensa - There’s Alot Going On EP [Album]

It's been three years since Chicago emcee Vic Mensa released his last full-length project, INNANETAPE. Before delivering his Roc Nation debut, Traffic, later this year, Mensa and his label have decided to unleash There's Alot... Read More


Vic Mensa & Skrillex - No Chill [Stream]

Update: The visuals for Skrillex and Vic Mensa’s Blessings single have been added.Do not ask Vic Mensa and Skrillex to chill, for they have No Chill whatsoever. We caught a glimpse of their collaborative single last... Read More


Vic Mensa Dissing Drake Is Dumb, Not Dangerous [Feature ]

Look, there's new music from a Chicago emcee!No, not that Chicago emcee.As the world plays The Life Of Pablo on endless loop, Vic Mensa has rather quietly released the final version... Read More


The State of Chicago Hip-Hop: No End In Sight [Feature ]

Three years ago things were just getting exciting around Chicago. Chief Keef had just made the country take a collective gulp as he shoved guns into the lens of a Handicam protected by his thick mop of locks, Kids These Days... Read More


Vic Mensa - All That Shines [Stream]

Vic Mensa likes releasing new tunes on Friday. Following Codeine Crazy (Icarus Story) and I Been, the Chicago native has unleashed All That Shines, produced by Stefan Ponce and Peter Cottontale and Mensa himself. Read More


Vic Mensa - I Been [Stream]

Roc Nation signee Vic Mensa has released I Been, a promo single produced by Smoko Ono, Mike Dean, Carter Lang and Papi Beatz. Like No Chill and Codeine Crazy, this latest effort is not slated to appear on the Chicago... Read More


Did Vic Mensa Lift “U Mad” From a French Rapper? [Feature ]

Vic Mensa has had quite a newsworthy 24 hours. Initially he generated headlines for "Heir To The Throne," a brand new freestyle that he unleashed last night. The freestyle seemed to contain some very... Read More


Vic Mensa - Codeine Crazy (Icarus Story) [Stream]

Vic Mensa, with the help of producers Papi Beatz and Stefan Ponce, has released Codeine Crazy (Icarus Story), a re-worked version of a Future record of the same name that can be found on his Monster mixtape. Read More


Justine Skye - I’m Yours ft. Vic Mensa [Stream]

With her Emotionally Unavailable EP becoming available itself tomorrow, June 23, Atlantic signee Justine Skye drops off one more leak from the project, entitled I’m Yours. Resident Booth favorite Vic Mensa lends his... Read More


Vic Mensa - U Mad ft. Kanye West [Stream]

Update: The Grant Singer-directed visuals for Vic Mensa’s U Mad single have been added.Two months ago, Kanye shook up the ‘net when he previewed Wolves, a record off his forthcoming album with Sia and Vic Mensa.... Read More


Leather Corduroys - Have U Eva ft. Vic Mensa [Stream]

Leather Corduroys, the Chicago duo made up of SaveMoney members Joey Purp and KAMI (formerly Kami de Chukwu), made waves with their Chance The Rapper-assisted I Told You So on the second day of 2015. Four months later, they... Read More


Vic Mensa - Down On My Luck (Chuck Inglish Version) [Stream]

Long before Vic Mensa announced he was signed to Roc Nation, back when he was a Mindie artist signed to a deal with Virgin EMI, the Chicago emcee released Down On My Luck. 11 months later, Mensa’s debut single,... Read More


How Long Has Vic Mensa Been Signed to Roc Nation? #TheMindieProject [Feature ]

As soon as the news that Vic Mensa had become the latest artist to join the Roc Nation family, I knew what my Twitter mentions were going to look like, and sure enough....No longer mindie, @RefinedHype...... Read More


Vic Mensa - Commas (L.A. Leakers Freestyle) [Stream]

Fresh off of his signing to Roc Nation, Vic Mensa stopped into LA radio station Power 106 to sit down with the L.A. Leakers how it all went down. Even better, the Windy City buzzmaker decided to drop some bars by hopping on... Read More


I’m Not Mad at Vic Mensa, I Just Miss the Old Vic Mensa [Feature ]

Ever had an ex get engaged?Ever had an ex get engaged 10 months after you broke up? It's...complicated.Trust me, I know from experience.I'm happy with where I'm at and I'm definitely happy we... Read More


Vic Mensa - Shakedown ‘99 [Stream]

Last Sunday night, millions of viewers were able to catch a crouching Vic Mensa flex his singing chops on the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special, when he joined Kanye West and Sia (both similarly hunched down) for a... Read More


Towkio ft. Vic Mensa - Involved [Stream]

Judging by the SaveMoney affiliates we’ve featured in the Booth to date, pretty much everyone Involved with the Chi-Town collective is talented as f**k. Feature numero uno from Towkio only offers more support for that... Read More


Kaytranada ft. Vic Mensa - Drive Me Crazy [Stream]

The last time we heard these two diverse artists together, Chi-town’s Vic Mensa was spazzing over a futuristic beat from Montreal producer Kaytranada on the former’s single Wimme Nah. That chemistry continues as... Read More


Vic Mensa - Wimme Nah [Stream]

Like mighty Atlas with the globe, Vic Mensa is carrying the Windy City on his shoulders. OK, he’s not the only one keeping Chicago hip-hop alive, but the SaveMoney emcee has been putting in some serious work. On his... Read More


Vic Mensa - Major Payne [Stream & Download]

Eclecticism, thy name is Vic Mensa. On Major Payne, the Save Money affiliate continues to hone the new club-oriented style of his post-INNANETAPE material, combining the dancefloor-ready R&B vibes of debut single Down On... Read More


Vic Mensa - Down On My Luck [Stream]

With hundreds of new genres being birthed daily in someone’s studio bedroom, it’s tough to figure out which ones are worth following. For today, why not let Vic Mensa set the tone? On his new progressive single,... Read More


Sir Sly ft. Vic Mensa & Kami De Chukwu - Gold (Peter CottonTale Remix) [Stream & Download]

Easter is still a month away, but a certain rabbit’s already dropped by the Booth with a surprise for our readers—and you don’t even have to search the backyard to find it. On his latest promo single, beatsmith... Read More


Asher Roth ft. Vic Mensa - Fast Life [Stream]

In the past several years, Asher Roth has risen above his college-loving origins to become a serious force on the underground scene, but his scatterbrained style has largely prevented him from being categorized as “socially... Read More


Vic Mensa - Feel That [Stream]

Thought you knew Vic Mensa? Think again. To kick off his 2014, the SaveMoney affiliate’s unleashed a new promo single that I probably wouldn’t have recognized as his work, if his name hadn’t been attached.... Read More


Vic Mensa ft. Chance The Rapper - Suitcase [Stream]

If I had to pack for a long trip, I would be sure to make up one Suitcase full of fully-charged iPods, containing nothing but Vic Mensa’s INNANETAPE and Chance The Rapper’s Acid Rap on them. Of course, I’d also have... Read More


Vic Mensa ft. Eliza Doolittle - YNSP [Stream]

Last we featured Vic Mensa on the solo tip, he was exchanging his hours for currency on reader-approved hustle anthem Time Is Money. The Kids These Days alum’s latest mixtape single also deals with the paper chase but,... Read More


From Chance to Tokyo Shawn, Your Guide To The savemoney Crew [Feature ]

Thanks to about a million young, talented artists, led by the likes of Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa, Chicago is once again becoming an epicenter of hip-hop. Since both broke onto the scene, their savemoney... Read More


Vic Mensa ft. Ab-Soul & BJ The Chicago Kid - Holy Holy [Stream]

Whether consciously or not, artists are often motivated by the desire to create something that will outlast them. Such is definitely the case for Vic Mensa, who comes face to face with his own mortality on Holy Holy, a... Read More


Vic Mensa - INNANETAPE [Album]

Former Kids These Days frontman Vic Mensa has released his illRoots and Adidas-presented street album, INNANETAPE.Included on the SaveMoney affiliate's 14-track project are previously-released, Booth-featured selections... Read More


Vic Mensa - Lovely Day [Stream]

Today is a Lovely Day round my way: the sun is shining, and the temperature’s right in the sweet spot between hot and cool. Here to make it even lovelier is Windy City buzzmaker Vic Mensa, with the latest single off his... Read More


Alex Wiley ft. Vic Mensa - Jerseys & Loafers (Force One Seven Remix) [Stream]

First featured, to positive reader reviews, back in May, Alex Wiley‘s Jerseys & Loafers has received the remix treatment courtesy of Force One Seven. In stark contrast to Chuck Inglish‘s laid-back original... Read More


Vic Mensa ft. Rockie Fresh & Beldina - Time Is Money [Stream]

Hollywood LA, the last single off Vic Mensa‘s debut mixtape, found the Kids These Days alumnus and fellow Chi-Town buzzmaker Lili K. getting lifted on that famous Cali kush. On follow-up Time Is Money, the rhymesayer... Read More


Mick Jenkins ft. Chance The Rapper & Vic Mensa - Cross Roads [Stream]

As a rap buzzmaker representing Chicago, it was inevitable Mick Jenkins would eventually find himself in the studio with Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa. Appropriately enough, their paths finally meet on Cross Roads, a new... Read More


Vic Mensa ft. Lili K. - Hollywood LA [Stream]

I know what y’all are thinking: what are two Chicago-based artists doing on a record titled Hollywood LA? I’ve listened to Vic Mensa‘s latest solo feature twice now, and the only connection I’ve... Read More


Connor Evans ft. Vic Mensa - Ridin’ on a Storm [Stream]

With his next street album on the horizon, Connor Evans is two for two in the Booth: both lead effort Hipsters & PrimaDonnas and follow-up Kings, Queens & Love received at least four out of five stars from our... Read More


Donnie Trumpet ft. Chance the Rapper & Vic Mensa - Zion [Stream]

Previously featured under the name Nico Segal as one-seventh of (now defunct) Windy City crew Kids These Days, Donnie Trumpet throws his hat into the solo ring with debut single Zion. Named after the fictional city from the... Read More


Vic Mensa - Orange Soda [Stream]

If you ask anyone who grew up in the 90’s, “who loves Orange Soda?”, you should expect an immediate and emphatic “Kel loves orange soda.” (If they don’t know, you might want to check their birth certificate,... Read More


Alex Wiley ft. Vic Mensa - Jerseys and Loafers [Stream & Download]

Jerseys & Loafers may not seem like the most intuitive combination but, when you’ve got Alex Wiley‘s level of swag, you can make any ensemble look fly. On this freshly-released promo single, created just prior... Read More


Chance The Rapper ft. Vic Mensa - Family (Blended Babies Remix) [Stream]

On his debut Booth feature, released back in March of 2012, Chance the Rapper made clear that his paper chase is only a means to the end of creating a better life for his Family and friends. Nearly 12 months later, the... Read More


Closed Sessions ft. Sir Michael Rocks & Vic Mensa - So Stupid [Stream & Download]

Coming on the heels of previously-featured Closed Sessions cuts Fresh Like Me, Keep It Politics and Don’t Happen That Often, the last song release from RubyHornet‘s popular compilation is a Windy City two-fer. On... Read More


Chance the Rapper ft. Vic Mensa & Sulaiman - Family [Stream]

For all rappers’ talk about top-shelf liquors, expensive whips and fly clothes, I would venture a guess that few rappers who grind their way from the bottom to the top are motivated solely by their lust for luxury... Read More