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The newest edition to the CV professional audio speaker lineup is the P-series powered & portable speakers that safely live up to the Cerwin Vega philosophies of high quality sound and durability.  The Cerwin Vega P-series speakers are available in a 15-inch, active 2-way speaker setup (P1500X) and a powered subwoofer version in the 18-inch configuration (P1800SX).  In this review we will focus on the P1500X model and the review of the P1800SX will go live tomorrow morning so keep it locked.

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Setup & First Impressions

The Cerwin Vega brand has been around for a very long time. My very first set of DJ speakers were a retired pair of Cerwin Vega 12-inch passive speakers in wood cabinets from my father’s old stereo system from back in the early 80’s. I’ve used many different CV speaker variants throughout the years, so I already know what to expect from this professional speaker brand as a whole. The newest edition to the CV professional audio speaker lineup is the P-series powered & portable speakers that safely live up to the Cerwin Vega philosophies of high quality sound and durability. The Cerwin Vega P-series speakers are available in a 15-inch, active 2-way speaker setup (P1500X) and a powered subwoofer version in the 18-inch configuration (P1800SX). In this review we will focus on the P1500X model and the review of the P1800SX will go live tomorrow morning.

The first impressions of the Cerwin Vega P1500X active two-way 15-inch speaker screams high quality as each speaker is lightweight (about 50lbs each) thanks to the mold-injected polymer trapezoidal cabinet that also remains very durable and shock resistance for lots of protection for mobile DJ use. The front full-metal Grill of the cabinet protects the woofer and the horn from any accidental impacts. The cabinet also has rubber-grip handles on the side and on the top for easy transport. The P1500X also has a 35mm stand/pole mount underneath and they can be used on the floor in a wedge configuration for stage performances. These speakers are powered by a 1500-watt Class D lightweight (fan-cooled) internal amplifier which connects to a standard power outlet with the included IEC power cable. The speaker runs at about 540 watts continuously and has a very nice horn for the highs and mids and an excellent 15-inch woofer that provided crisp and responsive bass. The highs were nice and sharp while not being shrill or harsh while the bass was really thumping throughout our entire test run. We didn’t have any issues with popping, hissing, interference, or humming during our two hour stress test. The system performed flawlessly during my time with the setup and I’m sure the P-series will last through years of heavy use.


On the rear of the unit there are two separate XLR/quarter-inch combination input connections each with their own volume control knob that can act as a mixer when switching between the inputs. These first two inputs have a switch to act as MIC or LINE level inputs so the sound characteristics are correct for the source. There is a third input pair of quarter-inch connectors with its own volume control knob as well. There are two XLR THRU outputs that will pass the signal of the particular line straight through to another speaker or amp system. The third XLR output is a “mixed” Line output that will pass the signal of all inputs directly through. There are also on/off switches to change the sound characteristics of the P1500X speaker which are Enhanced EQ (to change the sound EQ), Vega Bass Boost (to add an extra layer of bass to the output), High Pass Filter (to only allow the higher frequencies to pass through the outputs), and the Front Limiter Light (to let the user know when the speaker is clipping or “in the red”). Last but not least, there is a Main volume control knob for the whole speaker’s overall volume output and Indicators for Signal/Clip, Power, Limiter, and Protect.

Conclusion / Recommended For

In conclusion, The Cerwin Vega P1500X Powered speakers are probably the best speakers that we have reviewed on DJbooth.net thus far in terms of build quality and overall sound quality. The Cerwin Vega P-series would work perfectly for the Mobile DJ’s and for professional and/or permanent club installations. The Bass response and handling is more than adequate and the highs and mids remain accurate even at the highest of volumes. The price of the P1500X is a bit higher than some other offerings at $800 each at retail, but I think it’s a fair price for a very professional and high-quality top-class product. They are lightweight and very versatile in the many ways they can be setup. Anyone looking for a new set of fully professional powered speakers should seriously give the new Cerwin Vega P-Series a good long look...

Pros & Cons


  • True 540-Watts RMS Continuous amplified 15-inch speaker system
  • Excellent Ergonomics/Durability (Lightweight, Pole Mountable, Stage Angle, Handles)
  • Excellent Sound Quality for Pro Audio & Mobile DJ Applications
  • Three Separate Inputs and Outputs with On-board Mixer


  • Slightly Higher Price than other options

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Features & Specs

Cerwin Vega P1500X Active PA Speaker Features:

Fully integrated sound reinforcement system results in a simplified solution to delivering public address, entertainment and performance monitoring
Rugged enclosure with multiple handle locations makes transport and setup safe and easy
Full-range and subwoofer models use efficient Cerwin Vega woofers for low-frequency bass with punch
The integrated mixer and efficient amplifier design reduces the amount of gear required for an easier setup and less worry about limited power resources
Angle-adjustable pole mount socket, side-wedge shaped enclosure and M10-threaded suspension points support a variety of permanent and portable setups
Stackable design to maximize storage area and thick, powdered coated grill protects the drivers during transportation and storage

Cerwin Vega P-Series

Built-in 3-channel mixer with easy to identify controls, and intuitive layout for fast setup and minimal connections
Thru and Mix outputs for fast ‘daisy-chain’ connections and system expandability
User controlled digital filters and Enhanced EQ allow the system to be tuned to the exact requirements of the event

P1500X - 1500 Watt Bi-amplifier design and switching power supply delivers premium performance in an efficient and portable design
Built-in limiter with on/off LED indicator provides essential protection to reduce down-time and prevent component damage

Proprietary Cerwin Vega Hemi-Conical Waveguide gives smooth on and off axis frequency response
High Frequency Drivers - compression driver provides natural sounding instruments and vocals
Low Frequency Drivers - Metal frame, reflex loaded woofers achieve accurate bass response and provides the punch you expect from a Cerwin

Vega system
Direct-firing subwoofer features internal bracing to provide additional support during extreme performance situations

Cerwin Vega P1500X Active PA Speaker Specifications:

System Type: Active 2-way full-range, bass reflex
Frequency Range (-10dB): 49.8 Hz - 23.5 kHz
Frequency Response (±3 dB): 55.0 Hz - 20.5 kHz
Nominal Coverage (-6dB): 90° Horizontal, 65° Vertical
Maximum SPL(1) @ 1m: 134 dB
Amplifier Rating:
1500 Watts Dynamic
500 Watts Continuous
Low Frequency Driver: 15 inch
High Frequency Driver: 1 3/4 inch diaphragm, 1 inch exit
CH 1 and 2 - Neutrik XLR/TRS inputs
CH 3 Dual 1/4 inch TS inputs
THRU 1 and 2 - XLR, MIX - XLR
Impedance: CH 1 and 2 – 20 kΩ, CH3 – 10 kΩ
Indicators: Signal/Clip, Power, Limiter, Protect
Enclosure: Polymer cabinet, flush waveguide
Grille: 18 gauge, perforated steel
Mounting and Suspension:
7.5° or flat, 35mm pole socket
4 x M10 suspension, 2 x M10 pull-back
Operating Temperature: -20° to 55°C
Dimensions (H x W x D): 27.5 x 17.0 x 13.5 inches
Weight: 53.0 lbs
Shipping Dimensions (H x W x D): 32.0 x 21.5 x 18.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 60.5 lbs

Best Price for the Cerwin Vega P1500X Powered Speaker

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