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From JAY-Z to Nas: A Brief History of the Grown-Ass-Rap Album

By Jaap van der Doelen | 2 weeks ago
Finally, we can say it: our beloved youth culture is all grown up now.
Tags: JAY-Z, Opinion

This Might Be Why Nas Sounds Offbeat on DJ Khaled’s “It’s Secured”

By DJ Z | one month ago
A lot of people think Nas sounds offbeat on his new Travis Scott collab, and there's a reason why.
Tags: Nas, Brief

Nas Explains Why Tupac Was a One-of-a-Kind Artist

By DJ Z | one month ago
Real recognize real.
Tags: Nas, Brief

Nas Calls President Trump a Racist in Powerful Open Letter

By Andy James | about 2 months ago
"We all know a racist is in office."
Tags: Nas, Brief
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Nas’ Brother Jungle Updates Fans on “Nas Album Done” Status

By DJ Z | 2 months ago
Fewer updates, more music please.
Tags: Nas, Brief

Classic Hate: The Internet Hates on Nas’ ‘Illmatic’

By Lucas G. | 3 months ago
"Nas stole his style from Kool G Rap and continues to beat us in the head with nothing but hype."

Nas’ New Album Is Still Not Done, But He’s Planning 2017 Release

By DJ Z | 3 months ago
Good news, but we're not holding our breath.
Tags: Nas, Brief
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